Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

My favourite face scrub has to be Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub, it is awesome and I always go back to this one. I have branched out over the years and tried other brands but I haven't found any that compare to this one. It is a refreshing scrub and I use it every morning. It is apart of my daily skin care routine and my skin feels rejuvenated afterwards. When trying other scrubs I have sometimes had a break out but with this one I did not.

The pink grapefruit scent is part of what I love so much about it and adds to the refreshing feeling. :) There are pigments in the scrub that helps keep away impurities and exfoliates the skin. It is currently reduced at Boots and only cost £3.30, which is a bargain.

What scrubs do you use? Any recommendations? :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I have been meaning to do a blog post about Rimmel Stay Matte foundation for a while now but haven't gotten around to doing it. It's one of the first foundations that I tried but since trying a lot of skin care products it's not as good as I once thought. Trying it on for the first time in a while, I remembered why I stopped using it, it just did not feel right on my skin and was quite patchy.

I have the lightest shade Ivory (100) and felt that it looked a bit orangey, there also wasn't much of a matte feeling and it dried up my skin a little. Since becoming more obsessed with beauty products, I have become more perceptive and critical of makeup and to ensure it matches my skin tone. However, this is the only product of theirs that I have had any negative views on, I absolutely adore their powder and have used it for years. Their lipsticks and lip glosses are awesome, especially their Kate Moss range.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum Primer

I decided to try this product after reading about it on Little Bit Soph and I am really glad I did, she was spot on with this product! I went with the matte version instead of the luminous one, as I prefer the matte feeling and I think it helps my makeup stay on longer. I have to say this is an amazing primer and my skin does feel softer afterwards. Another positive is that my skin doesn't go oily or have any shine to it, absolutely loving the matte effect! I haven't had any breakouts or anything since using this product which is always another plus and why I would recommend it!! :)

This is going on my top primer list along with Benefit and Maybelline, I also want to try Max Factor's one next as my friend has it and she loves it!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Clean & Clear dual action oil-free moisturiser

I bought Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser before discovering Garnier moisture match and was slightly disappointed. I have heard many good things about Clean & Clear but for me it didn't work. My skin does feel slightly soft after applying it but there is still a certain dryness to it! It says that it is meant to help prevent spots and blemishes but whilst using it, it did not prevent either of them. But as I said it wasn't for me, however, for others it might work wonders. It hasn't put me off trying any of their other products and look forward to using some of their other skin care products in the future! :)


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquer - petal pink

This is the nail varnish I received in the Summer Glamour Beauty Edit and I loved the colour on site and was really happy I got the pink one. However, it is not as good on as I thought it would be. I had to apply 4 coats for it to look good and consistent which is not what you want from a nail varnish, I get that it is a light colour but 4 coats is still way too much. 3 coats is pushing it for me and 4 is simply ridiculous because it takes forever to dry!

I do love the shade but it's more effort than it worth. I am disappointed that they would include a colour, that you have to apply so many coats for it to look good. I would try another shade of theirs in the future to see if it's just paler colours or all of their nail varnishes.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bobbi Brown baby pink lip gloss

I'm kind of loving Bobbi Brown make-up at the moment, it's awesome and especially their lip products. I have the 'baby pink' lip gloss and love it. I'm very weary about pink lipsticks and lip gloss as it is a love/hate situation on whether it suits me. However, I adore this shade and it's not too pink so it doesn't look funny. It's a light enough pink that it quite understated and subtle but bright enough to give my lips some colour and adds some shine. :)

The only thing that would make this lip gloss better for me, is that if it had some kind of scent or smell. I absolutely adore any lipstick or lip gloss that smells fruity or flowery or anything really, other than a generic makeup scent. It costs £18.50 which is a bit expensive, but it is Bobbi Brown after all.


Monday, 21 July 2014

Benefit the POREfessional

Benefit the POREfessional is the best primer I have tried, it is amazing and is perfect for making my face ready for the rest of my make-up routine! It adds a nice first layer which hides blemishes and helps reduce the appearance of pores. It softens my skin and makes it look very natural. The tube is also really nicely decorated and it looks really cute, I adore the packaging of each Benefit product and how original they look!

I do love it and would be constantly buying it if it were not for the price, it costs £24.50 and that's a bit too steep for me to pay, I am still a student after all. Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser is the second best primer I have tried and the best I have found apart from using Benefit, it is a lot cheaper too only £7.99.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Glamour Beauty Edit

Glamour magazine have teamed up with Latest in Beauty to create another beauty box full of must have summer products. I literally could not wait to get it in the post once I had ordered it, I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it had Illamasqua and Bourjois products in it! I'm so happy I finally decided to give it a go, I really wanted the Glamour Beauty Edit they did in winter but it sold out before I could order one! The box has a total value of £86.15 for £16.95, which is a bargain and you get to try so many different products which is awesome! :)

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick (product: full size - 4g, shades vary)

I love my Illamasqua lipstick it is amazing!! I got the shade 'starkers' and it is apart of the nude collection, mine is a soft flesh pink colour. I'm really glad they included Illamasqua, it is such a good brand and it is what drew me to buy the box.

Normal price: £18.50

Magnifibres brush-on false lashes (product: full size - 0.9g)

I have tried a cheaper  brush-on false lashes product before and it was really good, and this is even better! I cannot put on fake eyelashes properly no matter how hard I try and I always end up gluing them to my lashes which is very painful when removing them. So if you are like me, brush-on false lashes are a god send and they make you eyelashes look thicker and longer. I also adore the packaging it comes in it is really cute.

Normal price: £21

Rimmel London sunshimmer instant tan BB skin perfector (product size: 125ml)

I have yet to try the instant tan but have heard good things about it, I have been disappointed by so many different tanning products in the past so I am looking forward to trying this one. It also smells divine which is already a plus for it, I have tried quite a few before that have an awful scent.

Normal price: £6.99

Velvotan the original tanning mitt (product: full size)

I seem to go through tanning mitts so quickly, so am glad they put one in the box!! :)

Normal price: £2.99

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection ultra radiance sun lotion SPF30 (product size: 100ml)

I haven't tried any Hawaiian Tropic products before and this is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation so it must be good! It smells like coconuts and my skin felt a little bit softer after applying it. With the lovely weather we have been having here in the UK, it is safe to say the sun lotion won't go to waste... I normally use SPF50 as my skin is so pale that I have to apply sun lotion every 15-20 minutes so it will be interesting how this goes.

Normal price: Currently £6.98 for 200ml at Superdrug)

DHC deep cleansing oil (product size: 30ml)

I already have this product but in a bigger size, I got it as a gift and haven't gotten round to using it for long periods of time. But I have always used scrubs to wash my face before so this will be interesting.

Normal price: £21.50 for 200ml, £11 for 70ml and £4.50 for 30ml

Toni & Guy volume plumping whip (product size: 90ml)

It has an empowering smell, a bit too strong for my liking but as long as it gets the job done then I will be happy!!

Normal price: £7.19 for 90ml

Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquer (product size: full size - 15ml)

I received the pink shade (Petal Pink) of the Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquer and it is really pretty, it looks so elegant and girly.

Normal price: £6

Bourjois cream blush (product size: full size - 2.5g)

OMG this is a-mazingggg!! It is a beautiful shade (01 Nude velvet) and perfect for Summer, the peach colour looks great on my cheeks and adds some definition. This is the first cream blush I have owned and I would definitely buy more, it is soft and so smooth on my skin! Love it, it is a must have.

Normal price: £7.99

I love the Summer edition of the Glamour box and really hope they will bring out one in Autumn!! I haven't tried all of the products yet and will do a more in-depth review of those ones later on! But so far I absolutely love everything that I have tried!!


Saturday, 19 July 2014

OGX renewing argan oil of morocco conditioner

As you probably know I'm a bit of a sucker for hair products with argan oil in it and not long ago I wrote a post about all of my hair products containing it. On a boots haul the other week, I finally decided to try OGX renewing argan oil of morocco. I had been eyeing it up for a while now and when I saw that it had been reduced I thought why not give it a go.

It smells awesome and kind of reminds me of the beach. It's a thick and enriching conditioner and my hair feels great since using it. I would definitely buy it again and I cannot wait to get the shampoo as well.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer Beauty wish list

There are so many beauty products I want to try that have come out during this season! My list just keeps growing and growing, so much that I don't even know what to buy first!
Benefit's they're real push-up liner has been getting so many good reviews all over the beauty blogosphere, I wanted to try it when I first saw it was coming out because I absolutely love their mascara. Benefit's posiebalm looks awesome too and I haven't tried any of their lip products before so this would be the first! I'm kind of in love with all things Benefit so I limited it to the two products I want the most!!
I love trying mascaras, it's probably the beauty product that I try a different one every time and I have yet to get a Bourjois one. Bourjois volume 1 seconde mascara looks really good and the brush resembles Benefit's one, cannot wait to buy it on my next make-up splurge! :)
I know the Dior Addict Gloss aren't exactly new but I have had my eye on them ever since they first came out and still really want them!! However, what is fresh on the shelves is Maybelline Instant Fatigue Blur and I want to see if it is as good as the Baby Skin instant pore eraser!
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher is quite new as well and I love the look of the 'Onomatopeacha' shade. Surprisingly I haven't seen many reviews of this product and considering it is Soap & Glory I definitely want to give it a go!
I have two very beautiful perfumes on my list and I absolutely adore the bottles. The packaging of Prada Candy Florale is so pretty and girly, as is Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream. Both have a summer feeling to them and have an amazing smell!! :)
What is on your summer beauty wish list? :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Emporio Armani Diamonds black carat

I haven't had a new perfume in ages, so when I was in The Perfume Shop I felt like I was like a kid in a candy store and there were so many options that I didn't know what to choose. I had the sales assistant spraying perfumes on loads of different sheets to see what scent I liked the best and in the end the two final choices were Emporio Armani Diamonds black carat and Viva La Juicy Noir. In the end I went for the Armani perfume because I liked the fragrance more but I have put my second choice on my birthday list.

Product details: Bulgarian rose wrapped in notes of freesia infused with vanilla bourbon and vanilla bean, a contrast of freshness and depth. The addictive oriental character of this perfume is textured to create mystery.

It smells gorgeous and I love it. It has a sweet yet empowering scent and it is incredible!!! :) I got a 50ml bottle for £29.99 from The Perfume Shop which is a bargain. It has a different scent to anything I have used before and am so glad the sales assistant showed me it.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Dullness

I had never tried any L'Oreal beauty products before trying L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Dullness and it is a very good product but unfortunately it's not for my skin. There also exists L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Redness and Anti-Fatigue.

When you first squeeze it onto your fingers it is purple and has small pigments in it, when you rub in into your skin it turns into a foundation and corrects dull skin. It is really good at covering up flaws especially bags under your eyes! I would recommend it to those who have a slightly tanned skin tone, I'm quite pale and it's a bit too dark for me! If L'Oreal created the CC Cream for different skin tones light, medium, etc... then it would be perfect and I would buy a lighter shade.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Perfume Samples

At the weekend, I went to The Perfume Shop and bought Emporio Armani Diamonds: black carat. I also was given two samples of popular perfumes, Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs and Killer Queen by Katy Perry and they are both perfect for the Summer!

I have seen Daisy Dream all over the beauty blogs and have wanted to see what all the buzz was about. The bottle looks absolutely beautiful and I love all of the flowers! It has a floral scent with hints of blackberry, jasmine and wisteria. It is a nice fragrance but unfortunately smells very weak on my skin. :( I sprayed four times and it faded quite quickly, maybe it's just my sample but I would still invest in one in the future!

I love Katy Perry 'Meow' perfume, it has an amazing scent and so I have wanted to see what Killer Queen smells like ever since! Unlike Daisy Dream, Killer Queen has a very distinct and strong fragrance! Its' title Killer Queen is well chosen as it is very empowering and is unique, it's quite an  unusual smell but I love it! It's very very strong when you first apply it but once it settle onto your skin it becomes a lot sweeter. I adore it and I am definitely going to buy the perfume, plus the bottle is really cool! :)

Garnier Ultimate Blends: The silky 7-in-1 dry shampoo

Everyone loves and uses Batiste dry shampoo, as do I and as most people do, they are really good but I thought I would branch out and see what other dry shampoos are out there.

What drew me to Garnier Ultimate Blends the silky 7-in-1 dry shampoo is that it is made with Vanilla milk and I love all things that smell like vanilla. It smells amazing, the vanilla fragrance is awesome and leaves your hair smelling fantastic!

It leaves no residue on your hands which is a plus and after using it my hair looked much better, it didn't look greasy and had a bit more volume to it! :) Their 'invisible formula' is genius and hair looks refreshed, it's a great product to have if you don't have time to wash your hair. It did not disappoint and hopefully more people will catch on to it and give it a try!

I didn't at the time realise there is also a shampoo and conditioner of the same fragrance, I will be definitely getting that the next time. Vanilla products are my kryptonite!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser

A good primer that isn't worth a fortune is hard to come by, Benefit's 'the POREfessional' (£24.50) is a really good one but can leave a slight dent in your bank account if you go through primers quickly! Then I read about Maybelline's Baby Skin instant pore eraser in Cosmopolitan and knew I had to try it.

The first part of my make-up routine is to apply  Garnier Moisture Match to hydrate my skin as it is often quite dry and then I use the Maybelline primer. It makes my skin feel smooth almost straight away and my pores look reduced! It works wonders and you won't be disappointed. My skin feels soft and looks great, and is ready for applying foundation.

It costs only £7.99 which is a bargain considering how good it is, it works like a charm and am very happy I tried it!! :)


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon have so many amazing lip products and one of my favourite are their lip butters. They are great for rejuvenating your lips and helping to get rid of dryness. Since using Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter my lips are definitely softer and hydrated, another bonus is that they come in so many different beautiful colours for all skin tones!! I would definitely recommend these to a friend, they are a must have in your make-up bag!

The two colours I have are 'Juicy Papaya' and 'Crème Brulee' and they are amazing! Both are completely different shades, 'Juicy Papaya' is a lovely coral tone which is perfect for this summer weather and adds brightness to my face. 'Crème Brulee' is a more discreet and subtle shade, but gives some colour nonetheless.

I really want to try 'Pink Truffle', 'Candy Apple' 'Peach Parfait' and 'Berry Smoothie'. They are next on my make-up list and the colours look amazing.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Ted Baker Shimmering Days Glittering Nights

Ted Baker have come up with the perfect make-up set where you can go from a subtle nude look to a glamorous one, this set is very handy and easy to carry around in your handbag!

The shimmering Days side is great for a beautiful neutral look for any day time activity whether it's going to work or meeting up with an old friend.

The blusher/bronzer colours are bright enough just to add a tint of colour to your cheeks and draw some attention to define your cheekbones. I love the colours and it gives some shimmer to my cheeks, I wear them both day and night as I can't get enough of them.

Ted Baker's Shimmering Days eye shadows make the perfect light smokey eyes make-up, the brown and gold colours are quite light but not too light that it doesn't have any effect. The colours can create a pretty natural look for you eyes, I absolutely adore them!

The last part of the this side of the set to complete the Shimmering Days look is the nude pink lip gloss. It's a nice light pink shade which makes your lips more noticeable and goes with any make-up colours! I love all of the shimmering make-up and I have to say this side is my favourite.

Now lets switch over to the Glittering Nights side which can add an effortless appearance for a night out with the girls or cocktail hour. For a glammed-up look, look no further as this side is perfect for you and if you like wearing glitter on a night out you'll love it!!

The three eye shadows unlike the Shimmering Nights side are all different colours, the grey and black glitter colours go well together and the blue adds a bright hint of colour to it. It gives more definition to your eyes and the combination is just fantastic.

Ted Baker have combined Glittering Nights with bright pink blushers that you would not be able to get away with during the day as they are quite bright. It goes well with the dark eye shadows and adds some contrast to the style.

The dark pink lip gloss is a lovely dark colour which can be used for a night look but it also goes really well with the Shimmering Nights make-up, as the look is so neutral that it makes a perfect combination! I like to mix and match both lip glosses as they look good with either Shimmering Days and Glittering Nights!!

The glitz and glamour of these sets add to very beautiful and different looks, it is definitely worth having and any Ted Baker lovers will adore this gift set.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Benefit See & Be Seen Sasha perfume

Benefit's Sasha eau de toilette has a floral and daring scent to it, it has a very empowering fragrance and that is why it is in my top perfumes. It has a certain allure to it which is why it is so captivating!! :) As with everything Benefit does, it comes in a beautiful bottle and packaging. I love their style and it's no shocker that Benefit does as well as it does!
Benefit's poem to describe Sasha

modern, still life, florals a gallery of delights…

classic urban luxury her expression excites.

a work of art, Sasha transcends age

a vision, a showpiece “she takes center stage.”

See & Be Seen Sasha has scents of orange flower absolute, apricot, pink freesia Middle notes: ylang ylang, tiare flower, white peony, jasmine sambac, crystal amber, liquid musk and vanilla.

It costs £29.50 for a 30ml bottle and £39.50 for 50ml. Considering the high prices of good perfumes this is a bargain and Benefit's perfumes are definitely the best. The next of Benefit's perfumes on my list to try is 'Laugh with Lee Lee' and 'Ring My Bella'.  


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bourjois Golden Lilac blusher

Bourjois make-up is renowned for being good and this Golden Lilac (Lilac d'Or) blusher is amazing! This shade is fantastic and I love the tiny hints of glitter.  The pink/peach colour is a good blend and it is perfect for summer. It leaves a warm and bright touch of colour to my cheeks. Most blushers just smell like make-up, however, the Bourjois blusher has an awesome scent to it and that's what makes it even more great. It only costs £7.99 and I think it's a bargain, I've had it for ages and barely made a dent in it. :)

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