Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Glamour Beauty Edit

Glamour magazine have teamed up with Latest in Beauty to create another beauty box full of must have summer products. I literally could not wait to get it in the post once I had ordered it, I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it had Illamasqua and Bourjois products in it! I'm so happy I finally decided to give it a go, I really wanted the Glamour Beauty Edit they did in winter but it sold out before I could order one! The box has a total value of £86.15 for £16.95, which is a bargain and you get to try so many different products which is awesome! :)

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick (product: full size - 4g, shades vary)

I love my Illamasqua lipstick it is amazing!! I got the shade 'starkers' and it is apart of the nude collection, mine is a soft flesh pink colour. I'm really glad they included Illamasqua, it is such a good brand and it is what drew me to buy the box.

Normal price: £18.50

Magnifibres brush-on false lashes (product: full size - 0.9g)

I have tried a cheaper  brush-on false lashes product before and it was really good, and this is even better! I cannot put on fake eyelashes properly no matter how hard I try and I always end up gluing them to my lashes which is very painful when removing them. So if you are like me, brush-on false lashes are a god send and they make you eyelashes look thicker and longer. I also adore the packaging it comes in it is really cute.

Normal price: £21

Rimmel London sunshimmer instant tan BB skin perfector (product size: 125ml)

I have yet to try the instant tan but have heard good things about it, I have been disappointed by so many different tanning products in the past so I am looking forward to trying this one. It also smells divine which is already a plus for it, I have tried quite a few before that have an awful scent.

Normal price: £6.99

Velvotan the original tanning mitt (product: full size)

I seem to go through tanning mitts so quickly, so am glad they put one in the box!! :)

Normal price: £2.99

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection ultra radiance sun lotion SPF30 (product size: 100ml)

I haven't tried any Hawaiian Tropic products before and this is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation so it must be good! It smells like coconuts and my skin felt a little bit softer after applying it. With the lovely weather we have been having here in the UK, it is safe to say the sun lotion won't go to waste... I normally use SPF50 as my skin is so pale that I have to apply sun lotion every 15-20 minutes so it will be interesting how this goes.

Normal price: Currently £6.98 for 200ml at Superdrug)

DHC deep cleansing oil (product size: 30ml)

I already have this product but in a bigger size, I got it as a gift and haven't gotten round to using it for long periods of time. But I have always used scrubs to wash my face before so this will be interesting.

Normal price: £21.50 for 200ml, £11 for 70ml and £4.50 for 30ml

Toni & Guy volume plumping whip (product size: 90ml)

It has an empowering smell, a bit too strong for my liking but as long as it gets the job done then I will be happy!!

Normal price: £7.19 for 90ml

Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquer (product size: full size - 15ml)

I received the pink shade (Petal Pink) of the Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquer and it is really pretty, it looks so elegant and girly.

Normal price: £6

Bourjois cream blush (product size: full size - 2.5g)

OMG this is a-mazingggg!! It is a beautiful shade (01 Nude velvet) and perfect for Summer, the peach colour looks great on my cheeks and adds some definition. This is the first cream blush I have owned and I would definitely buy more, it is soft and so smooth on my skin! Love it, it is a must have.

Normal price: £7.99

I love the Summer edition of the Glamour box and really hope they will bring out one in Autumn!! I haven't tried all of the products yet and will do a more in-depth review of those ones later on! But so far I absolutely love everything that I have tried!!



  1. This box looks fab!! I got the British Beauty Blogger box from Latest in Beauty a couple of months ago so I didn't get this one but I am kicking myself now. I got the pink version of the blusher and i love it :) xx

  2. Oooo what was in the British Beauty Blogger box? Was it an exclusive box? I love this box, I was literally so excited when I got it :) I think it is still available... I love Bourjois atm and the cream blusher is definitely my new favourite products of theirs!! :) xx

  3. I am IN LOVE with the Bourjois blusher from this box!! I've been using Benefit for ages but I think this one might have just snuck past into the top spot :-)

  4. Oh really is it still available? I might just have to buy it then :) Yes the British Beauty Blogger one was a limited edition, I cant believe how many great products was in it. It has the Bourjois cream blusher, Too Faced Mascara. Lola makeup brush, Makeup Revolution palette and loads more. Here is my review on it if you want to check it out :) xx

  5. Omg, I'm so jealous!! It looks like it was an amazing box and there was a Benefit product!!! :) I definitely need to check Latest in Beauty more often from now on. Love your review of the box and the detail for each product, the name of that mascara is hilarious and memorable! :) xx

  6. I know, it's amazing right?! :) I haven't used a Benefit blusher before but I have used benetint and that's good.

  7. The Bourjois cream blushes are amazing! Can't wait until the new shades are available :D

  8. Thanks for the lovely comment. Haha I know I can't bring myself to say the full name of the mascara! lol. It was such a fab box, it sold our really quickly I was really lucky, I get email updates from the British Beauty blogger every day so that's how I found out about it. I think you have convinced me to get the Glamour one :) xx

  9. Haha, I think I would feel so awkward if someone asked me what the mascara was called! :) Hopefully they will do another box in the future. Haha, I feel like such a beauty enabler! xx


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