Sunday, 31 August 2014

Benefit Majorette blusher

I only recently tried a cream blusher for the first time. I have always stuck to powder blushers as they are amazing but I got a Bourjois cream blusher in the Summer Glamour Beauty Edit box and I fell in love with cream blushers and have been wanting to try different ones ever since. Thanks to my cousin I got Benefit Cosmetics new blusher called Majorette and I am totally in love with it!

The peach-pink shade adds a natural rosiness to your cheeks and adds a lovely touch of colour, it's a beautiful shade that will look great throughout all seasons, especially during the cold winter months when you want some colour on your face. It's a very good blusher and doesn't fade easily, Majorette stays on all day.

Majorette has a peach and pomegranate fragrance which smells incredible, I hate the cosmetics which just smells like make-up and I find them so boring. Every since trying Bourjois blushers, I refuse to go back to non-scented blushers and I love when make-up smells fruity, it is such a refreshing touch and makes beauty products stand out.

This is without a doubt a five star product, probably even more!! It's fantastic and even though it costs £23.50, it is worth every single penny. I would definitely buy Benefit Majorette blusher when my one runs out! I would recommend it to all make-up lovers, it is truly awesome.
You can buy it online from Benefit, Boots or John Lewis.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Benefit they're Real! push-up liner

I recently got a few Benefit items from my lovely cousin as she works for them and amongst the products was their new push-up liner. I have been wanting to try it ever since it was realised especially with all the advertising they did and the reviews I have seen on multiple blogs. There seems to be a love/hate response to the push-up liner, after using it I kind of get why.

It took me forever to get the eyeliner to actually come out and you have to do it carefully if not too much comes out and it's wasted. I like the shape of the eyeliner, it does make it easier to apply if you struggle to draw a straight line. I don't think my eyeliner has ever looked so straight and it really does help massively with avoiding it going wonky but it was a struggle to get it out.

Overall I would give the product a 3.5/5, it is a good product but I think it could use some improvements. The full size product costs £18.50 which is way over my make-up price range, I think there are equally as good eyeliners out there for half of the costs. I have a liquid Barry M one which is quite good, I have never liked the pencil eyeliners as I find them frustrating and constantly breaking or coming off half way through the day.


Friday, 22 August 2014

Boots Extracts Body Spray Collection

I really love body sprays and Boots Natural Collection vanilla one is my all time favourite!! I also love all the Body Shop body sprays but they are quite expensive so prefer to go for cheaper body sprays, as I would rather splash out more on make-up. So I thought why not try the Boots Extracts body spray collection which was £10 and not a bad deal considering individually they cost £4.50. I also couldn't seem to find their Natural Collection products in store, so I'm guessing Extracts is replacing the natural collection...

I love the strawberry fragrance and it's a reminder of Summer, especially with all this cloudy and cold weather we have been having. It's a sweet scent and if you love strawberries then this is perfect for you!!

The mango body spray is amazing and I have bought the Body Shop one before, the Extract one smells exactly the same in my opinion. So I will just get the Extract one in the future because it only costs £4.50 in comparison to the Body Shop one which is £7.50 I think.

I really love vanilla body sprays and the Natural Collection one was awesome, so I was hoping the extracts would be similar. Unfortunately it is a little bit disappointing and not as good as a vanilla fragrance as others I have tried, for instance Body Shops. So I would probably not buy the vanilla Extacts body spray again but I would definitely get the other two!! :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pandora charms

Last Monday was my 20th birthday, it feels so weird to no longer be a teenager and to know that university will be over in a year. I had a lovely day with my family and was very spoilt present wise from friends and family, I received a beautiful River Island dress from my uni friends that I absolutely love!! :)

My mum got me two Pandora charms and they are so pretty!!  I have had my Pandora bracelet since my 18th birthday and it has been slowly getting more filled up every birthday and Christmas! I really love all things with birds on them, I actually want to get three flying birds tattooed on my wrist but am a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain. The bird charm represents freedom and it is so gorgeous. The second charm I got has lots of pink hearts on it and I have put it in the middle of all my charms of my bracelet. My bracelet kind of has a pink theme to it, I wanted to go with just one colour for beads and any charms that have colours on them. So my heart charm fits in perfectly. :)


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Exam results stress

For those who have just received their A-level results or are still waiting for their GCSE results, it can be a stressful time. It is hard to believe that someone's entire future and what they want to do depends solely on how you do in an exam. Not everyone does well in exams and it doesn't always reflect the extent of their knowledge.
By now everyone at college will have their A-level results which dictate if they get into uni or can continue with their subjects in second year at college. I know firsthand how upsetting it can be if you don't get the grades you were predicted. My AS results weren't as great as I thought they would be and I was really upset and stressed that I wouldn't be able to get my grades up for university. Luckily my predictions for my overall grades for my A-levels were good and I managed to get conditional places at all the universities I applied to. On results day for my A2 subjects, I had already had an email from Bournemouth saying that I was in so I thought I couldn't have done that bad. Upon collecting my results they weren't what I was required to get to get into uni but I still managed to get in.
If you have just got your results and they weren't what you expected and can't get into your first choice or second and have to go through clearing. Don't worry, there are plenty of other universities out there which are just as good!! Or even if it had made you rethink what you want to, it's not the end of the world and everything happens for a reason. You may end up finding something you love even more and something way better than what you were originally meant to do!! University is such an amazing experience, you get to meet so many different and wonderful people.
For others at college who just got their AS grades and have failed a subject or haven't met the requirements to continue at that college. Don't see it as a step back but as in a push in the right direction. It may lead to you choosing to study a subject you wouldn't have otherwise thought about!! Don't panic and you'll find something you are passionate about!!
GCSE results come out next week, if you receive not as high grades as your college want just call them up and speak to them about it. Most people I know who didn't do too well in their GCSEs still got into the colleges they want  but had to not do as many subjects that they wanted to do originally. Or they picked up a GCSE subject that wasn't offered to them at school which they ended up loving!
Just because you don't do well in an exam it doesn't mean it's the end if the world, I know it probably feels like it at the time. It's for the best and I am a very strong believer of everything happens for a reason!!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy - Sun Shower

I absolutely love doing my nails and my favourite type of nail polish is anything with glitter, I'm a little bit glitter obsessed. So when Revlon Nail Art came out with the new range Sun Candy, I was in glitter heaven and the shades are absolutely gorgeous!!! They are perfect for Summer and there are quite a few shades which means plenty of choice! :) I have one nail varnish from the Moon Candy collection which have more darkish colours whereas the Sun Candy range is lighter and brighter.

I bought the Sun Shower (490) shade and it's beautiful, it's a turquoise colour and it adds a bright touch to my nails. I was looking for a nail varnish for my friend and ended up buying one for myself. I adore it and will definitely buy more of the Sun Candy range, they are my type of colours!

I really want to get Solar Flare, Lava Flame, Celestial Shine and Pink Dawn. So basically nearly all of them and especially since they are reduced to £4.99 at Superdrug at the moment, it's the perfect time to buy as many as possible!! :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

If I Stay

If I Stay is an amazing book by Gayle Forman and she sure knows how to make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. It makes you grateful for what you have in life and to never take anything for granted because everything can be taken away from you in a moment. One moment is all it takes and your life can be changed instantly. I loved the book and cannot wait to see the movie which comes out this month.

Miss Selfridge haul

I have been meaning to write a post about a Miss Selfridge haul I did ages ago but just keep forgetting to write it. Miss Selfridge is one of my favourite shops, I love their clothes and I would buy a lot more if I could afford it. Their clothes style is quite girly and pretty, which is what I like about it so much! :)

Mid Wash Crochet Trim Short

I have wanted a new pair of shorts for a while now, the two that I already had are starting to get a bit baggy so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to buy something new! I adore this shorts, they are high waisted so this makes them perfect to wear a crop top with! I also love the crochet on the bottom. They cost £30 but I loved them so much that I didn't care. :)

Coral Embellished Vest

This top is perfect for the summer and the coral adds a touch of colour to my outfit every time I wear it! The gold embellishment at the hem, looks so pretty and the detail is beautiful. I just wish I had bought it in a size 6, as it is actually a little bit baggy on me. It costs £25 and it is going out of stock soon, so grab it quickly if you want one.

90s Floral Crop

Crop tops are all the craze this summer and I see them in every shop I go in. I love the 90s style crop tops and I bought the floral one as I thought it was really pretty and loved the colouring! For only £12 it's a bargain. I really want to get a plain black one next or maybe a pale blue if I can find one.

Black Crop With Lace Back

I love all lace clothing which is probably why I was drawn to this top, I haven't been able to wear it yet because of the hot weather. It has an amazing all lace back and I would wear it for day or night! It costs £18 which is a good price! :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have always used make-up wipes to take off make-up because I thought it was just easier and quicker than other products. Recently on beauty blogs I have seen people raving about cleansing water, so I decided when to give it a go. I was a bit dubious at first but I totally love it. I thought I would start with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water as I have heard a lot of good reviews about the product and Garnier are always great for skin care products. It's very good at removing make-up and impurities. My skin feels smoother and I have no make-up whatsoever remaining on my face.

I will definitely not being going back to using make-up wipes, I am completely sold on cleansing water and will definitely be trying other similar products in the future. It takes off make-up so much better than make-up wipes and my face feels so clean and fresh afterwards.
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