Friday, 29 August 2014

Benefit they're Real! push-up liner

I recently got a few Benefit items from my lovely cousin as she works for them and amongst the products was their new push-up liner. I have been wanting to try it ever since it was realised especially with all the advertising they did and the reviews I have seen on multiple blogs. There seems to be a love/hate response to the push-up liner, after using it I kind of get why.

It took me forever to get the eyeliner to actually come out and you have to do it carefully if not too much comes out and it's wasted. I like the shape of the eyeliner, it does make it easier to apply if you struggle to draw a straight line. I don't think my eyeliner has ever looked so straight and it really does help massively with avoiding it going wonky but it was a struggle to get it out.

Overall I would give the product a 3.5/5, it is a good product but I think it could use some improvements. The full size product costs £18.50 which is way over my make-up price range, I think there are equally as good eyeliners out there for half of the costs. I have a liquid Barry M one which is quite good, I have never liked the pencil eyeliners as I find them frustrating and constantly breaking or coming off half way through the day.

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