Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Advice for Freshers

Going to university can be quite daunting, it's a new adventure and you are moving away from home. It's a mixture of excitement and nerves! It feels like just yesterday that I moved into halls and was scared about my course and whether I would like it. So I thought why not do a short post on my advice for freshers.

  • One of the main things I was worried about was my flatmates and what if I wouldn't get on with them. What I learnt from halls is that you cant click with everyone, so don't worry about not getting on with all your flatmates. You might only be close to maybe just two of them, everyone is different and you might have nothing in common with them. You will make plenty of friends on your course, assignments and stressing out bonds you haha.

  • Also I would recommend signing up to as many clubs and societies as you can in freshers. You don't have to go to everything and will probably forget about half of them. Societies are a great way to make new friends, plus socials are always fun. I was too overwhelmed with my course in first year and scared of not doing well that I didn't join any. Second year gets a lot busier and harder, plus it counts. So have as much fun as you can in first year.

  • Don't worry if you don't do as well as you wanted in first year, you only need 40% to pass into second year! Adapting to university can be quite hard and some people struggle with assignments/exams. I know you are paying a lot of money to be at university but it isn't the end of the world if you don't get a 2:1 or a first, your first year does not count towards your degree.

  • Try to budget your money, I know quite a few people who once they get their loan in spend it all at once. Try to keep track of what you need to pay for, make a list and assign an amount to each bit, i.e rent, food, bills (if you aren't living in halls), mobile phone bill etc... That's what the uni suggested to do when I was visiting them all. Just keep track of what money you have and keep in mind when the next loan instalment comes in.

Just have fun, enjoy yourself! University is an amazing experience and it goes so quickly, I can't believe I am in final year!! Go out as much as you can in first year and just make the most of it really!!
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