Friday, 31 October 2014

October Favourites

October has come and gone so fast, I can't believe I have already been back at university for over a month!! Time is going so quickly and the next thing I know it will be graduation already! I have tried so many new products this month, especially quite a few Body Shop ones!! I have done two big Body Shop orders this month and love every new beauty product. Here are my October favourites:

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I have finally got my hands on the final book in the Divergent series. I have wanted to read it since i finished Insurgent in the Summer but have been so busy at university that I haven't had the time. I started to read it but cannot wait to see what happens next especially considering how the second book ended. So far I am loving it and don't want the book to end! :)

The Body Shop Vanilla Lip Gloss

I'm really loving the vanilla lip gloss, it is awesome and smells lush!! My lips are so shiny and glittery with a lovely vanilla scent. It is also perfect for Autumn/Winter as it a nude colour which makes my lips plump and sparkly. I definitely want to get the Vineyard Peach, strawberry, watermelon and mango ones next!!

Avon Advance Techniques 360 nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo

My hair is naturally fine so I try to go for volumising or thickening shampoos to help my hair. I have found that some shampoos and conditioners make my hair appear more thin and sometimes greasy. Since using Avon's shampoo my hair has become thicker, softer and has a slight bounce to it. This had to be on my October favourites list as it is amazing and actually works!! :)

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Lotion

This product was originally £8 but after sale and 40% off, I got it for a mere £2.80! What a bargain!! The best buy I have made in a while and I am in love with it!!! The body lotion smells divine and makes my skin feel so soft. I love using body lotions which have pumps as they are perfect to use as hand creams, easy to apply and not at all messy.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

I have finally found it!! I have finally found a great concealer!!! I have blogged about my difficulty to find a concealer that doesn't make my skin go patchy or ruin my makeup, I have been disappointed by the concealers i have tried in the past. I am so happy that my housemates recommended I try this one because it is awesome!!! :) The concealer helps hide my dark circles underneath my eyes and covers up spots, which previous concealers have failed to do. It is by far the best concealer I have come across and will definitely repurchase it!!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Body Shop madagascan vanilla flower fragrance mist

I am literally in vanilla heaven, The Body Shops Madagascan Vanilla Fragrance Mist smells incredible!! There are not enough words or adjectives to describe how great it is! :) Fantastic, amazing, wonderful, heavenly, sweet, lovely, divine, and excellent, are a few that spring to mind!

The Madagascan Vanilla Fragrance Mist is lovely and my new favourite scent from The Body Shop! I could smell it for hours and not get sick of it!! I am loving their products at the moment and have bought quite a lot from them recently. They have had so many great deals on, currently you can get 40% off most products in store, however, it ends of Tuesday 4 November so get down there quick.

The fragrance mist has a sweet scent but not sickly, it is light and refreshing. It is like having a hint of Summer in Autumn with all this awful rain. It lasts for a while and the smell doesn't fade from my clothes, I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely get it again!!

The Body Shops body mists are very good in quality and price! £7.50 for 100ml may seem a little bit expensive but they last for a long time, I have used different ones in the past and have been satisfied with how long I have had them.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Revlon PhotoReady primer & foundation

Revlon PhotoReady primer and foundation have been on my makeup to try list for a while now, as soon as I was running out of my old foundation and primer, I knew it was the perfect time to try Revlons'.

My bank account probably wasn't too happy with the cost but no pain no gain right?! :) I am really glad I did get them and want to try more of Revlons' face products in the future.

Revlon PhotoReady primer (£11.99)

It is hard to find a good primer, they  are such a difficult product to find the right one to suit you. As I have said quite a few times on my posts, Benefit's Porefessional is my all time favourite and I have yet to find a cheaper one that matches the quality of Benefits'.

I quite liked Revlon's Primer and it did make my skin feel soft and fresh. However, I felt it didn't have a wow factor, and just wasn't for me, maybe I have too high expectations or am being really fussy. I just think there was something missing in the product.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, whilst it was good I just didn't feel it was worth what it costs. I will continue on my hunt for a primer that suits me and my skin.

Revlon PhotoReady foundation (£12.99)

I haven't really liked a foundation in ages, the ones I have used have been ok but nothing special. I absolutely love Revlons' lip products so I thought I would branch out into their face products. It was a little bit more than I usually spend but if it turned out really good then it would be worth the extra money!

It is a great foundation and my makeup looks so much better since using it. It isn't too thick which is good because I hate foundations that make me look like I have plastered tons on and looks cakey. It rubs in easily onto my face and doesn't leave splotches or funny patches, which others have done in the past.

PhotoReady foundation is good at hiding blemishes and the dark circles underneath my eyes. It is also relatively good at helping cover spots but that's why concealer is a god send.

Would I buy it again? The answer is 100% yes! I loved it and is worth every penny.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Body Shop body sorbet

I am so glad I choose to get this little gem in my Body Shop order because it is awesome!! The fragrance is incredible and heavenly, it reminds me of summer. It has a lovely sweet scent and I can still smell it on my skin a while after I put it on.

The texture is actually very sorbet like, it is refreshing and light once applied onto your skin. It is very different to all body products I have used before and that is what makes it so unique. It's original and nothing like body lotions/butters, which is why I love it.

I cannot wait to get more of the body sorbets, I really want to get the pink grapefruit and satsuma ones. I also think they should expand their range and bring out peach and vanilla body sorbets.

This is my new favourite Body Shop product and it deserves the highest ratings (5/5). It is a must have and needs to be on your Christmas wish list!! There is also a very good deal on at The Body Shop at the moment, you can get 40% off certain products and the body sorbets are included, so go and order yours quickly before the deal runs out. :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Benefit b.right! Radiant Skincare gift set

I have had this little set for over a month now and have been loving using all the products. I think it is great when big brands do sets like this so that you can try out miniature version of the products so you can decide if you want to buy a bigger version. I was going to write this post a lot sooner but I have been so busy with university that I haven't had a chance. My skin is definitely better since using the skincare set and I am very happy with the outcome, my skin is so soft and I would say that my pores are definitely minimized!!
Foamingly clean facial wash

I'm not sure if I like the facial wash or not, it does get rid of all impurities and dirt but I feel my skin goes a little bit dry. I probably wouldn't buy it separately as I think there are cheaper face wash products out there that could do the job for half the price!! I would rate it 3/5 stars.

Refined finish facial polish

This is a great exfoliator and the pigments are really refreshing. My skin feels great after using it and has a slight glow to it. It deserves 5/5 stars, great skincare product and a very good scrub.

Moisture prep toning lotion

I think this is a very good at cleansing but I went through my small bottle very quickly and feel that it may not be the best value for money. I know Benefit is not a cheap brand but for a tonner £23.50 is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA

I love face products that hydrate my face and this does the job perfectly!!It leaves your face feeling soft, rehydrated and smelling incredible!! Great base before putting your makeup on, have absolutely adored using this!!!

Total moisture facial cream

The face cream is my second favourite product in the set and I love the smoothness of my skin that I get from it. It is heaven in a pot and is now one of my all time favourite moisturisers!! :) The cream is quite thick and really does help make your skin softer, it reminds me of how my skin feels straight away after I have done a facial or scrub mask. It deserves a very high rating because it is simply awesome, 5/5.

It's potent! eye cream

This is amazing!!!! I have tried eye creams before and not really seen a difference, or felt any improvement. However, this is the best I have come across, and my dark circles look better and softer!! I would 100% get this as an individual product as it is worth it and the skin under my eyes is slightly tighter. Such a good cream, I give it 5/5 stars! :)

Love this little introduction set to Benefits' b.right! Radiant Skincare range and it all smells really good! I would buy the gift set again, simply because £14.50 is a bargain and fantastic deal! Benefit have done a good job with the set and I am impressed.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Body Shop Haul

Body Shop had an amazing deal, when you spend £50 or over, you get £25 off your order. How could anyone resist that deal?! It would be rude not to take advantage of it... :) I had quite a hard time choosing what to buy but am very happy with what I got!!

So these are my first impressions on my purchases, I will do a post on each product once I have been using them for a while.

Strawberry Body Sorbet (200ml, £8)

The body sorbets are recently new in at Body Shop and I'm loving all things strawberry at the moment, which is a bit ironic since summer is over and I should be looking for more autumn/winter scents. I am in love with this product, it's awesome!!! The smell is heavenly and very light and refreshing when you apply it. :)

Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask (100ml, £10)

This looks really good like it will help my face and I cannot wait to use it. It looks a bit like porridge haha but it hasn't put me off.

Vanilla Lip Gloss (12ml, £7)

I used to have a vanilla lip gloss that I got from Peacocks and it was really good, I was so disappointed when it ran out and couldn't find it back in the shop! Happy to have another vanilla lip gloss, smells lush as well.

Bronzing Powder: light matte (11g, £13)

I was a bit unsure whether to buy the bronzer, as I have never really had much luck with them before. What I like about the bronzing powder is that it comes in different shades, so you can choose based on your skin tone. I choose the lightest shade as I am quite pale and only wanted a hint of bronzer on my cheeks.

Rainforest Volume shampoo (60ml, £2)

I have been looking for a good volume and thickening shampoo for a while and have been quite disappointed with what I have found so far. Hopefully this product will do what it says on the bottle and by any means the scent is really nice. Excited about doing a full post on the shampoo once I have been using it for two weeks.

Colour Crush lipstick: 305 Golden Flirt (3.5g, £10)

I finally have my first autumn shade lipstick!! Golden Flirt is a brown colour with hint of gold in it and adds a darker look to my lips. I love all things with glitter/shimmer in them so as you can tell I am loving this lipstick!! :)

So far I am very happy with my order and am loving trying out the products. I really want more of the Body Sorbets as they are divine and literally the smell is incredible!! I'm also enjoying my new lipstick and would like to try out more from the Colour Crush range. I'm loving Body Shop at the moment, so many great products!!! :)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

I have been so excited for the Zoella beauty range to come out and was happy when I finally got some of the products!! :) I was going to buy a makeup bag as well, but they had all sold out when I first got my Zoella beauty products. I also want to get the shower cream!! There had been such a hype around the release of Zoella beauty and shelves were practically half empty as soon as the products were put out.

It's not really a surprise that the range is doing so well. Teenage girls can relate with Zoe Sugg and feel connected to her by watch her vlogs, so I'm not at all shocked by the success of her products. The products smell incredible and are so nice!! :) Plus the packaging is so pretty and cute.

Let's Glow fragranced candle

The candle has a gentle blend of white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes. The packaging is so cute and I absolutely love the polka dots on all the products. The fragrance is awesome and has made my room smell fantastic. It feels like Summer in my room, when it's actually pouring down with rain outside and freezing cold.

£5 is a bit expensive for a candle and it isn't overly big but I bought it anyway as I wanted to try out most of the Zoella range. I am glad I bought it and would definitely buy it again.

Blissful Mistful fragranced body mist

This product is amazing!!! I have been using it everyday for over a week now and can't stop using it. It has a sweet fragrance with fresh and floral notes, it's subtle and not at all overpowering. This is a must have and is now one of my favourite body mists. I think £8 is a decent price for a body mist and once it runs out I am 100% getting it again! :)

Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion

The body lotion is divine!! It leaves my skin feel smooth and silky, with an incredible fragrance. It is not badly priced as well, £5 for a body lotion is a good deal and the bottle is quite big so it will last for a while. :) It is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter to soften and condition the body.

It is worth buying again and this would be the perfect stocking filler, Superdrug should do a Christmas gift set of Zoella beauty that would be amazing and it would sell out straight away.

The Zoella range is beautiful and the product are really good! I definitely hope she expands into makeup, lipsticks would go perfectly with the current packaging. I hope she does come out with cosmetics next as here makeup in her videos always looks fantastic and she has good taste.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

Maybelline Baby Lips is one of my favourite beauty products that Maybelline have and at £2.99, it certainly is the cheapest makeup product that I own. There are currently two different types of collections of Baby Lips, the normal range and the electro one.

The normal one consists of Maybelline Baby Lips Balm: Hydrate (blue tube), Intense Care (yellow), Minty Fresh (green), Cherry Fresh (orange), Pink Punch (pink) and Peach Kiss (purple).

The Electro range also has 6 shades: berry bomb (purple colour), fierce-N-tangy (yellow), oh orange (orange), pink shock (pink), strike a rose (red) and minty sheer (green).

It would cost you £17.94 to buy all six from one collection.

I currently only have two Baby lips, one from the normal range and the second from the Electro shades. They are both really good and affective. Baby Lips nourishes and hydrates lips for a soft finish and it actually does what it says in the description. It helps get rid of cracked lips and really does make them smooth. They are such a bargain!!

I bought Peach Kiss first and it is a lovely peach/gold colour. It smells amazing and very peachy, I am glad I bought this one first as it is awesome!! :)

I decided to try out one of the electro lip balms and Strike a Rose was my favourite shade. The other colours are a bit too bright and a bit too much for my tastes. Strike a Rose is a lovely pink/red and adds a natural rosy tint to my lips. If you wanted it to be a bit brighter then just apply 3 or more coats.

I didn't upload a picture with the lip balms on  as it adds a slight tint to your lips and I didn't think that it came up that well in a photo.

I would definitely buy more Baby Lips and cannot wait for the Baby Lips crystal collection to come out in the UK because they look amazing!! I want to buy all of them, there are six shimmering shades in pink and red colours. The packaging looks so pretty and hopefully it will be in the shops here soon!!! They are called crystal kiss, gleaming coral, pink quartz, beam of blush, mirrored mauve and twinkling taupe.

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