Friday, 14 November 2014

Yankee Candle obsession

I absolutely love Yankee Candles, I have always thought they were amazing but ever since I visited my best friend in Cardiff and saw her mums massive collection of Yankee Candles have I become a bit more obsessed.

They are of good quality, smell fantastic and are just plain and simple amazing!! I know they are viewed as slightly expensive but in my opinion they are worth every penny, plus they always have different deals on. In Clinton's at the moment, you can buy one and get 50% of the second product which is pretty good if you ask me.

Fireside treats - medium jar

My friends mum had this little beauty and I fell in love with it, it smells heavenly and I joked with her that it might find its way into my bag. So when I got back home to Brighton, I knew I had to have this gem in my life so bought it from my local garden centre and it was fragrance of the month so got it for a lot cheaper than the usual £16.99 for a medium jar.

Sugar Plum Village tealight holder

I am so happy that I finally have this, it is the cutest thing ever and is so pretty and glittery. This is the first of my Christmas decorations and it looks great in my room. It fits two tealights and would be a good Christmas gift for Yankee Candle lovers.

Votive Sampler Candles

I have quite a few of these and it is a great way to try out different fragrances if you don't want to spend a fortune on a medium or large jar without trying a smaller version first. The votive sampler candles are also very reasonably priced and last for quite a long time.

Strawberry Buttercream: I am in love with this scent, it smells so incredible that you will want to eat it. If you are a big lover of all sweet fragrances then this is the candle for you. It is definitely one of my favourites from Yankee Candle.

Christmas Cookie: This is a great fragrance for Christmas!! Plus who doesn't love Christmas cookies?! It actually makes me want to go and make iced biscuits.

Cherry Vanilla: An empowering but sweet smell, a nice reminiscence of summer in Winter.

Rainwashed Berry: Fresh, fruity and fantastic. It is a really strong fruity fragrance and is refreshing.

Merry Berry: It is a berry treat and great for the festive season. It actually reminds me quite a bit of cocktails and is great to have on whilst getting ready for a night out.

Any favourite Yankee Candle fragrances?

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