Monday, 8 December 2014

Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil

I hadn't heard much about Body Shop's beautifying oil until one of my housemates told me about it, when she was doing a Body Shop order. I am so thankful that she did because it is amazing and I got it at an absolute bargain price. It also can be used for three different purposes which makes it even more worthwhile and worth every penny, you can use it on your hair, face and skin. It is no surprise that it was recently included in the latest British Beauty Blogger Dream Box, as it is a must have in your beauty bag.


I heard mixed reviews about using the beautifying oil on hair, so I was a bit dubious. It made my hair appear quite greasy and thin, I used it on two separate occasions and only put a tiny amount on my hair but still the same result. I wouldn't apply it to my hair again as my hair is thin naturally and I want products that make my hair thicker and more vibrant. Just because it made my hair greasy, it would necessary to others so maybe it's just me.


Whilst it wasn't a success for my hair, my face feels so much softer and more hydrated. I have been using it every night for months once I have taken my makeup off and just before I go to bed. It has become essential in my skin care routine and I have noticed a massive difference in the softness of my face since I have had it.


It does make my skin very soft, but I am not a big fan of putting the oil on my arms and legs as I end up getting it all over my bed and clothes. I prefer body butters or body sorbets that is just my personal opinion though, it does do the job perfectly.

I will definitely try out more of the beautifying oils when I run out, but I have a feeling the oil will last me a very long time as I have been using it for at least two months and I have barely used much.
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