Saturday, 31 January 2015

MAC lipstick - Brave

Until recently, I had never owned nor tried any MAC products and as a treat to myself for all my hard work on my multimedia project I decided to splurge on this lipstick.

I have seen MAC brave lipstick on so many different Instagrams and knew I wanted it because it is such a stunning shade. I also really wanted to buy Soar lip liner but unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere I could think of. Trust me I looked everywhere!!! I was so excited when I got this in the post, it is like the holy grail of lipsticks. I have always heard such great things about MAC and it was good to finally put it to the test.

I am literally in love with Brave, it is so pretty and I love the Kendall Jenner look. I love the pink/rose colour and it is perfect for any occasion. I would double up on the lipstick though if I was going on a night out as I would want it to be bolder. I think the Soar lip liner would add a bolder effect too and give fantastic definition/create the perfect pout.

The quality of MAC is unlike any lipstick I have tried before and it lasts for such a long time. I am amazed by the durability, it remains all day through day even through eating. I don't even top up when I am out and about, as I don't really need to.

The only lipsticks that I own which quality is similar to MAC's is Topshop actually, considering the rumours or claims I have read that both brands are made by the same company, it isn't a surprise. MAC is renowned for their lipstick and I finally get what everyone is raving about. It is AWESOME!!!!

My housemates said the shade I had chosen resembled that of some I already owned, however, I feel that if I am going to spend quite a bit on lipstick then I want a shade I can use everyday. Plus I may own similar tones but nothing like this actual shade. Brave is such a popular shade and I definitely see why.

Is MAC lipstick worth the price? 100% yes!!! I am sold on MAC forever now, I will be buying more of their makeup and adding to my collection. MAC lipstick is good quality and more than worth the price. I really want to try Velvet Teddy and Shy Girl next, they look so beautiful!! I am also really excited about MAC's Cinderella collection being launched in Spring, I think they should do more Disney Princess ranges. For instance, Frozen (Elsa) or Snow White for Winter, Ariel (The Little Mermaid) or Jasmine (Aladdin) for Summer and Rapunzel (Tangled) or Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for Autumn. How cool would that be?!

I would recommend MAC to any beauty lovers and it is a must have in you makeup bag! The packaging is cute and a little bit glittery. A lipstick collection worth having and you won't regret it.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Essence ULTÎME Biotin+Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm always looking for a good volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner, but have always struggled to find one that actually says what it does. So many products claim to make your hair thicker or have hair like a runaway model has, but they always disappoint. I was eager to try out Essence ULTÎME Biotin+Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, because I heard great things about it and it was developed with Claudia Schiffer.

About the product:

Developed with Claudia Schiffer, the essence ULTÎME range combines her beauty insights from catwalk shows and fashion shoots, with the hair expertise of Schwarzkopf to become the reference for truly beautiful hair.

The unique gel formula with biotin-complex nourishes the root to create root stand up and provide up to 80% more volume and fullness with weightless effect.

I hadn't really tried out many Schwarzkopf hair products before and I now have four, I go from one extreme to another... The average price of the shampoo and conditioner is £4.99, which isn't too bad and if you buy them in Superdrug you can get student discount which is a bonus.

The Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner has an amazing fragrance and my hair smells fantastic afterwards!! When I'm out and about throughout the day I often get a whiff of the Schwarzkopf scent and I love it.

When it comes to the volume, it does add a little bit but not overly much. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now maybe and my hair is slightly more volumized but not as much it says in the product details. I was a little bit disappointed by this as I was hoping to see a significant difference but it has only been a little one.

I don't know if I would get this specific shampoo and conditioner again as it doesn't exactly do what it says on the bottle but it hasn't put my off using their other shampoos/conditioners. I want to try the repair set next and I will review their heat spray soon.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm - Sultry

Tesco have an amazing deal on at the moment, 2 Revlon lip products for £10. How good is that?! I also looked on the Superdrug website as well, each Revlon ColorBurst Balm is £5! I have really wanted to try Revlon ColorBurst's Matte and Lacquer Balms for ages now but have just got around to getting my hands on them. I went for one of each, as I wanted to try a Matte one and a Lacquer one. I knew which Matte one I wanted straight away, Sultry stood out to me as soon as I saw it.

It is a bold colour but not too much so that you cannot wear it during the day. The dark rose shade with a hint of berry colours in there is stunning and the wearability is amazing! I put the Matte Balm on just after lunch and it lasted right up until I ate dinner. Even after eating there was still a slight hint of the colour on my lips, I have to say I was very impressed at the duration and it lasted for such a long time. The matte look is very pretty and really brings out the brightness in my eyes. It is a good shade for lighter skin tones and people with light hair, it brings out your features more.

The packaging of the Matte Balm is really nice, it is elegant and looks quite sophisticated making it look more expensive. I really want to try Complex, Audacious, Standout and Striking, they shades look so pretty and will be perfect for spring/summer. I cannot wait to start wearing warm and brighter colours.

The lip products also have a minty fragrance to them which is really refreshing and a nice touch. Revlon lip products are amazing and I own so many now, they are definitely one of my favourite brands.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mini Topshop haul

As a break from my Multimedia Project and dissertation work, I met up with my friend Nicole last weekend and we went shopping. It was a much needed break and it was great to do some retail therapy. Retail therapy is the best kind  of therapy! One of the best things about Topshop is that they do student discount, it is an absolute god send and 10% off is so worthwhile in the long run. I will be very sad when I am no longer a student and won't get a discount in shops.

Topshop lipstick - Mercurial

I think I have a Topshop lipstick obsession, I having been buying one every time I go in there. I have a list of all the shades that I want and it is a very long list!! I went for Mercurial as I really like the look of the swatches online and it is a glittery shade. It is perfect for day or night and such a pretty colour.

Long Sleeve Space Dye Top

I saw this online a few weeks ago and really liked the looks of it, it is the perfect type of casual top and it is perfect timing for dissertation time. I wanted a comfy and baggy long sleeve top, and I am very happy with it. I have worn it so much already and I might go back to get another one in a different colour. It only costs £20 which is well priced and it is good quality.

Topshop Side Double Elastic Leggings

I really needed a new pair of leggings as mine were kind of falling apart and Topshop leggings last a long time so they were a must on my Topshop haul. They are really comfy and reasonably priced, such a good buy.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

dermalogica breakout clearing foaming wash

I always struggle to find good skin care products that don't break the bank whether it be moisturiser, face wash or face scrub. Or find skincare items that actually do what it says on the product, so many claim to get rid of spots/redness and help reduce pores but I have been quite disappointed in the past.

I got the dermalogica breakout clearing foaming wash in a gift bag a little of a year ago and just got around to using it a month ago when my face scrub ran out. I hadn't actually heard of dermalogica before then so it was nice to discover a new brand that I knew nothing about and hadn't seen any reviews from either.

Product details: This breakout fighting foaming wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. Use on your face, back, neck... wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer breakouts.

I had no expectations when it came to the breakout clearing foaming wash, so I was fairly surprised by how good it was. I think the product does help fight breakouts, I have noticed a difference in my skin when it has been spotty and after using the foaming wash. It's not a miracle cure, but it helps get rid of them quicker and my pores feel refreshed. My skin feels so much softer and clean after using it, it also smells incredible!! I always keep it in the shower so I never forget to wash my face, which is a tip that dermalogica have on their website.

Would I repurchase it? I have debated that quite a bit, it is a good product, however, dermalogica breakout clearing foaming wash costs £13. It is slightly more expensive than what I would normally spend on a face wash/scrub but it is kind of worth it.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Urban Decay - Naked On The Run palette

I have wanted to buy an Urban Decay palette for so long now and I finally decided to take the leap to buy one with my Christmas money. It was a choice between Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked On The Run, I went for Naked On The Run in the end as it is a limited edition set. Plus I also have two housemates with Naked 2 so I will buy it once university is over, what are housemates for after all. :)

This palette is awesome, it has mascara, eye liner, lipgloss, 6 eyeshadows, blusher and bronzer all for £37. It also is a travel size product that fits easily into your handbag, what more could a girl wish for... All your makeup in one palette, so you can top up throughout the whole day. This is the perfect way to try out Urban Decay makeup without having to buy one single item for full price.

Here are my thoughts on the products in the palette:

Perversion Mascara: blackest black 

I was a bit dubious about the mascara at first as I tend to have a preference towards plastic brushes but it is fantastic!! My lashes looked really long and the volume was impressive. The application of the mascara was really easy and it just glides on, no clumpiness whatsoever. It costs £17 as a standalone product, so it makes the set even more worthwhile.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Stag (deep brown satin)

I originally thought it was a black eye pencil but only on further inspection did I realise it was brown. Urban Decay did a great job putting in a brown eye pencil, it pairs so well with the brown eyeshadows. Amazing!!!

Naked Lipgloss: Sesso (rose w/pink shimmer)

The durability of this lipgloss is impressive, I wore it to town in the wind and rain, and it didn't start to fade until I ate lunch. Urban Decay has done a good job with their lipgloss and the shade is so pretty!! I love this pink shimmer colour and it is perfect for any occasion. The Naked Lipglosses normally cost £14, so am happy this was included and it is a full sized product, how good is that?!

Blush: vibrant pink w/light shimmer

Perfect pink blusher to create pretty rosy cheeks!! It's not too bright and it is just the right shade of pink.

Bronzer: medium bronze matte

It is really good that there is blush and bronzer in the set, I wish the bronzer was a lighter shade though as I am faired skin. I still love it just as much, it just means I have to apply it delicately and to be careful I don't put too much on.

Eyeshadows (Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050)

All 6 eyeshadows are such beautiful colours that you can mix and match, they stay on all day and I don't have to worry about my eyeshadow when I am out and about.

Dive (metallic rose w/golden micro-shimmer): I'm not a massive fan of rose eyeshadows but I do like this combo, the shimmer makes me like it even more!

Fix (soft taupe matte): It is a great matte shade that goes with all of the shimmer shades.

Resist (medium metallic taupe): This is my favourite shimmer shade in the set and absolutely adore it, I have even wore it during the day and it doesn't look over the top.

Dare (medium brown matte): The matte eyeshadows are of very good quality, this eyeshadow goes very well with Resist and Stun.

Stun (metallic bronze w/light gold micro-shimmer): The shimmer shades are highly pigmented and this one is no exception. It is the darkest shimmer colour so I will probably wear it just on nights out as I would be scared that it is too much glitter for daytime.

5050 (cool bisque satin): Nice light colour to use as a base or on it's own just to add a bit of colour to your eyelids.

Is it worth it? Yes, this is the best purchase I have made in ages and am sooooooo happy with it. Urban Decay sure have created an amazing product and this will definitely be travelling with me if I go on holiday this summer! It is a bargain and the content is worth more than what you pay for it. It is a beauty bloggers must have!! My first Urban Decay product and it is the first of many. :)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

NYX Dream Catcher Palette - Dusk Til Dawn

I was in Next the other week looking at the sale items and I saw that it was 50% off all NYX products. I was a bit shocked at first and wondered if they were getting rid of NYX or restocking but the shop assistants didn't know. I really hope they aren't stopping NYX at Next because that would be a shame! It was great to get this eyeshadow for £6 though instead of paying the full price of £15, such a bargain!!

I went for the Dusk Til Dawn palette of the Dream Catcher range as I prefered the shades and are more suited to my fair/pale skin tone. I love all the glitter shades especially the cream and brown ones, they are beyond stunning. This palette can create the most amazing smokey eyes with such a variety of shades, the results are awesome!

I am so happy that I got it, it is of good quality and the pigmentation is beyond great, I was very impressed when I was trying them out. The texture of the eyeshadows is really good, it lasts for a long time and doesn't wear off after a couple of hours. There is also a secret compartment underneath the eyeshadows with a mirror and brush, you just slide it to the right and voila!

Is it worth buying? Definitely, I would recommend it to a friend and want to try out more of their eyeshadow palettes. The highly pigmented eyeshadow mean you don't have to coat it on in thick layers and your eyes look fantastic. A great buy and a must have eyeshadow palette, one of the best I have.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

January 2015 Wish List

I really want to go shopping and as you can tell I have quite a few items on my wish list. I have quite a few new products I want to try, especially MAC that is on the top of my list. So here is my January Wish List:

Revolution Makeup Blush Palette - Golden Sugar (£6)

This blush palette looks absolutely amazing and has so many nice shades!! I recently blogged about my first Revolution eyeshadow palette and now I definitely want to try out one of their blush palettes. Hot Spice and Sugar & Spice palettes are a tad too bright for my pale complex which is what makes Golden Sugar perfect for me.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue - Just Peachy (£3.49)

With this cold weather, it is a great product to have in your handbag and I need to get it in mine. I love Maybelline Baby Lips and am so happy they have brought out more.

MAC lipstick - Brave (£15.50)

I am a bit ashamed to say I don't own any MAC products, as a beauty blogger that is quite shocking. My goal this month is to invest in a MAC lipstick to celebrate handing in my Multimedia Project. I have wanted to buy one of their lipsticks for ages but there are so many shades that I didn't know where to even start. I have seen this shade on Instagram and loved it.

Boux Pansy crochet top (£16)

I have a Boux obsession and think their underwear is awesome, I really want to try out their pyjamas next. This top is so pretty and can be used for lounging around as well.

Boux Pansy pyjama shorts (£16)

These pyjama shorts are so cute and I'm already planning what clothes I want for Summer haha. The flowers and colours are adorable, need them in my life asap!

Accessorize Double Pocket Core Bag (£37)

I'm due for a new bag soon, I get bored of bags quite quickly and love the look of this one. Accessorize is great for good quality bags and they do student discount as well!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2

After seeing many positive reviews on the Revolution palettes on blogs and my good friend Nicole who has quite the collection of Revolution palettes, I thought it was about time I saw what all the fuss was about. The makeup brand is very reasonably priced and it is of really good quality. The Makeup Revolution Redemption Palettes cost £4 which is completely insane as they are of really good quality. It is an amazing eyeshadow palette and I definitely want to buy more from them!!

I'm not really a bright eyeshadow kind of girl so I went for the Redemption Palette Iconic 2, I love the natural/brown/gold colours in the palette. You can choose a natural look or go for smokey eyes, depending on the occasion. You also have a variety of choices between matte, pearl and shimmer shades which is amazing.

I have used the lighter shades during the day for a more subtle look to add a little enhancement to my eyes. I have used the darker shades on a night out to create a smokey eye effect. It is great for all occasions and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I love the range of different colours and there are only two that I don't really like (4th and 10th shades). It is good that there are 12 shades as it means there is something in there for everyone and more suitable for a variety of skin tones.

I cannot wait to try out one of their blush palettes, I really want the Golden Sugar one but it is only available online at the moment so I am waiting to see it in store. :)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

COLAB dry shampoo

I know I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but I have finally tried out COLAB dry shampoo and it is pretty awesome! I have seen bloggers rave about it for ages but just kept forgetting to pick one up. It is definitely worth buying and it is a beauty bloggers must have!

COLAB has been developed by a dynamic collective of beauty experts who combine the best of their backstage knowledge. The dry shampoos come in 5 different fragrances (New York, Paris, London, Rio and Tokyo).

I went for New York which is a fruity fragrance made up of apple & melon with a light amber finish. I was going to get Tokyo or Rio but they only had them in 100ml and I wanted a 200ml. The New York fragrance is really good, I am so glad I got it because it is really refreshing and a nice reminder of Summer.

My hair looks fresh again and less greasy after using it, this is the perfect solution if you forget or don't have time to wash your hair. It also helps add a little volume to your hair and a bonus is that there is no residue afterwards.

It costs £3.49 for 200ml and £1.75 for 100ml, COLAB is very reasonably priced and I hope they venture into different hair care products.
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