Friday, 27 February 2015

Mini Lush haul

A couple weeks ago, I went to an Eco Beauty Pamper night and fell in love with Lush products. I got to make a bath bomb and keep it. When I went home to Brighton, I had an amazing bath with it and it smelt heavenly. I really wanted to try more Lush bath bombs and bubble bars, so when I was in London I went into Lush and bought some more.

There were so many different products, that I didn't know what to go for, so I went round all the different bath bombs/bubble bars and smelt them all. I ended up with lots glitter on my nose and so did my family, it was quite a funny actually.

I bought two bath products Unicorn Horn and Sex bomb, and I loved both of them. Lush truly are amazing and have such fantastic products, they are 100% worth what you pay for them.

The Unicorn Horn is so pretty and cool, I have seen tons of beauty bloggers Instagram about it and really wanted to get my hands on one. They are magical and mystical after all... The Unicorn Horn is a bubble bar and it is very soothing.  The bath turns a gorgeous and enchanting pink colour, with lots of bubbles in it. The fragrance is divine and I love the lavender scent in it.

The second bath bomb I got was sex bomb as it looked really pretty and smelt lovely.  The fragrance of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage all together creates a calming and relaxing bath. I loved watching the bath bomb fizz and the pink bath was really cool. I was feeling really stressed, tired and exhausted, and the bath made me feel so relaxed.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Real Techniques brushes

Hello lovelies, Happy Pancake Day!! :) I hope you all have lots of lush pancakes and aren't going easy on the toppings. My favourite type of them is American pancakes topped with maple syrups and a side of bacon. I'm making myself hungry just talking about it haha. :)

Today I was looking through my makeup draw and I realised I had yet to do a post on my wonderful Real Techniques brushes. I finally invested in some a couple of months ago and they are money well spent. I also like the fact that Samantha and Nic Chapman are behind them, they are makeup experts and know what they are talking about.

 Starters set (base shadow brush/deluxe crease brush/accent brush/fine liner brush/brow brush)

I have wanted to try Real Techniques brushes for a while now, I have heard wonderful things about them and they look of good quality. I bought the eyeshadow brushes as I am actually quite bad at doing smokey eyes so I hoped this would improve this and my technique. I have found it so much easier doing my eyeshadow since having the brushes and it really helps with direction. I'm not suddenly a makeup artist or anything like that trust me, but my eyes look less scary and more pretty. I'm really happy with the set and I got mine from for £11.83 compared to its usual price of £20.99 which was amazing!! All brushes add something to my eyeshadow and can result in a stunning look.

Blush brush

My old blusher brush was looking a bit worse for wear, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out and buy a Real Techniques blush brush. Especially since I absolutely loved the starter set and thought they were really good. The blush brush highlights my cheekbones and my blusher looks spot on. What I really like about the brushes is that they are really soft and have good wearability.

My Real Techniques brushes collection is slowly expanding, I hope to get a foundation and powder brush next. The Real Techniques bold metal collection brushes are also stunning and I really want to get my hands on some. They look amazing , but they are slightly out of my price range sadly. :(

Monday, 16 February 2015

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I was kindly given a Lush scrub when I went to an Eco Beauty Pamper Night on Tuesday and have been excited to try it ever since. Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is fantastic and I get why they brought it along to the event, it does a great job and it isn't tested on animals.

The lashings of fine sea salt help to scrub away all impurities and dirt. Whilst the organic limes are to brighten your complexion and the avocado butter softens your skin.

Lush have come up with the perfect combination to give you amazing skin, my face felt so smooth, soft and fresh after using it. I really like the sea salt in the product, it really does help to get rid of dirt and to properly cleanse my complexion. It adds a refreshing element to the scrub and smells lovely.

Overall it is a fantastic product and the best face scrub I have tried in a very long time. It does exactly what it says it does and the softness of my skin is impressive, I am beyond happy with it. This is my new favourite Lush product and without a doubt I will be repurchasing it when it runs it. My skin felt so much healthier and nourished after washing off the scrub, it is simply wonderful.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm

I am on a mission to have long and thick hair, like I did when I was a child. It is a slow process but I think I am making some leeway. I used to have such thick, long and healthy hair, but as I have grown up and gotten older it has become thinner and doesn't grow as quickly. I'm in a never ending cycle of having my hair cut, trying to grow it, getting split ends, needing it cut and then it only being a little bit longer than when I first had it cut. It is frustrating, annoying and beyond all else tedious. I swear when I was a child it regrew so quickly and I never had this many split ends, it's like they won't go away.

I know using straighteners and curling tongs doesn't exactly help your hair thrive but in 6 months I have probably used those items about 6 or 7 times. Of course I dry my hair every other day, but I am religious with using heat protection and other products. I'm going to try a tip I recently saw on a blog about trying to wash your hair less, which I'm not looking forward to but if it helps... It is a necessary evil. I currently wash my hair every other day, which is better than those who do it every day but it is still too much. If you wash your hair too frequently it takes away all the natural oils and de-nourishes your hair. My new resolution is to wash my hair every 3 days to see if that helps it and I have also been using Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm in my efforts to make my hair stronger.

I bought this little gem a while ago and first started using it only on my wet hair. My hair feels so soft, silky and lighter after using it. It made my forget the dryness of my hair and was very nourishing, all while smelling incredible at the same time.

I then thought when not apply it to my hair when it is dry as well, see how that turns out. If it made my hair greasy then I would just stick to using it on damp/wet hair but it could also enhance my efforts for better hair. It was a success I am happy to say!! I applied it onto the ends of my hair and a little bit on the body, once my hair absorbed it all I had a nice soft effect and my hair actually looked fresher if that makes any sense.

I love this product and am actually really happy with it, it definitely helps damaged hair feel softer and nourished. I mean it's not a miracle cure that will make all your split ends disappear but it will help make your hair feel lighter and less knotty. My hair is more shiny and hydrated, it hasn't cured my problems but it sure is helping to make my hair better.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick

I love trying new beauty products and am always on the hunt for something different. It's always exciting discovering a new lipstick, mascara or blusher, and cannot wait to put it to the test. You can probably tell from my posts that I have a slight lipstick obsession but hey a girl can never have too many lip products.

I noticed Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick on Instagram and have seen nothing but positive comments. I know quite a few bloggers have said they are a good dupe for the Nars lip pencil, but since I haven't used Nars I can't really comment on this or give my opinion on the matter. I swear half the makeup I buy or find is thanks to Instagram and seeing other beauty bloggers buys. There were so many pretty shades that made it a tough choice on what to buy... In With Coral, Berry Much and Minimalist were the other shades that I adored but I only wanted two to begin with.

Maybelline Color Drama - Light It Up (520)

Bold, bright and beautiful. Spring is fast approaching, with it lighter and brighter colours are coming. After, the gloominess of winter and wearing darker colours, it will be nice to wear lighter shades. I'm trying to push myself out of my lipstick comfort zone and make myself buy brighter shades, as I have a tendency to buy nude, pink, berry or anything light. I always get a bit worried with red, orange or brighter pinks that it doesn't suit me or makes me look awful. I get quite self-conscious about it and I really do need to wear my red lipsticks more. Which is what led me to go for the Light It up - Maybelline Color Drama lipstick, I wanted something a bit different and bolder. I have surprised myself and I actually like it, I would probably wear it more for a nighttime occasion rather than a daytime one though.

Maybelline Color Drama - Nude Perfection (630)

My housemate bought this shade and it looked amazing on, so I knew I wanted to get it. It is the perfect nude and I love wearing it. I have worn it so much already, it adds so much definition to my lips and can be worn for any occasion. It's no secret I love nude and natural shades, if I'm not feeling great or can't be that bothered with my makeup I always put on a nude lip colour and it doesn't draw that much attention to my face. However, if I want to make my nude lipsticks a bit more darker or bolder, I just put a thicker layer on. Nude Perfection is the perfect nude, it is simply stunning and I will definitely repurchase it when it runs out.

At the mere low price of £4.99, it is a bargain and the quality is fantastic. They stay on for a really long time and it doesn't wear off easily. I love lip products were you don't have to constantly reapply it and it looks just as good as when you first applied. Don't let the price put you off or make you think it's a cheap product, it is really good and well underpriced.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Eco Beauty Pamper Night

Last night, I went to an Eco Beauty Pamper Night at my uni in Bournemouth with my friend Nicole. There were presentations on micro-beads and Lush cosmetics, along with some fun activities. It was such a fun night and I loved learning more about Lush, where they cultivate their products and the charities they have. I'm not the most eco person or that knowledgable about environmental issues, but once I heard about the eco beauty pamper night it took my interest. I love all things about beauty and am always interested in learning new things.

Learning all about Lush cosmetics was really interesting, they only use fresh products and ensure that their staff are treated well. They make sure that all their employees are from fair trade organisations and work in good conditions. The people from Lush were lovely and were very passionate about their jobs.

I got to make a bath bomb which was really cool, you put the two powder components in the mould and let it set over night. It smells incredible, I cannot wait to go home to Brighton to use it and be in bath heaven. They were also doing hand massages with the therapy bars, they are amazing for massaging into your skin and making it softer. The woman let me have two as they had loads there which was so kind. Lush had two face masks with them that we got to try out on our hands to see what they are like. They had Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty, I had already tried the latter so I went for the Ocean Salt face mask.

Lush were fantastic and so generous, I loved all the little goodies I got and am beyond grateful. I cannot wait to do a full review on the Ocean Salt mask and it smells so good, it looks like it will be really good at getting rid of impurities and dirt.

It was an amazing event, it was interesting, educational and fun. I had a lovely evening and cannot wait to try all my goodies out.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

TRESemmé Platinum Leave In Treatment

Good hair products are sometimes like finding a needle in a hay stack, however, once you find a brand you get on with you have hit the jackpot. I have gone through a variety of brands Aussie, Schwarzkopf, L'Oreal... I like most of their products but it can be a bit of a hit or miss with some. TRESemmé is a brand that I have always got on with, I don't think I have ever not liked one of their products and they always smell incredible!!

I have used TRESemmé's shampoo and conditioners more than once, as well as their hair care treatment products. I picked up the Platinum Strength leave in treatment a while ago and I am very happy with my purchase.

What the product says: Tresemme Platinum Strength Leave In Conditioner strengthens hair and locks in moisture leaving your hair soft, manageable, and ready to be styled. The result is beautifully strong, moisturised and healthy-looking hair.

What it actually does: My hair feels so much softer and silky since using it, if even feels lighter and thicker than before. I love how my hair feels, it looks all shiny and new like after you have been to the hairdressers. I think my hair definitely looks healthier and revitalised.

Is it worth buying again? It costs a little over £5 and has done wonders for my hair, this is the second time I have bought and would repurchase it again.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lets talk about Autism

As a part of my multimedia journalism course, we have to do a major multimedia project on a topic and then do it across different mediums. I struggled coming up with an idea I was passionate about and could really get into. After much research and brainstorming ideas, I called up a family friend who founded an autism charity in Brighton. She started to tell me about all the problems they had in Brighton & Hove to do with autism. I was so shocked by how bad some services had been and how autistic children were treated. It really inspired me to do my project on Autism Parent Power and I loved speaking to so many inspiring people.

I have learnt so much throughout this project, I have spoken to so many strong and incredible parents. I know when you become a parent, your child becomes your world and your priority, but still the constant fight parents of autistic children have is ridiculous. It was disappointing to hear how bad schools were, the long wait for diagnosis and the lack of support afterwards. However, it was amazing to see how great charities are and that most are started by parents.

I was lucky to speak to Vikie Shanks who has 7 children, 6 of whom are autistic and 2 of them also have cerebral palsy, and one who is severely autistic. I was in awe of her, how she manages to be a mum, write her blog and book, and still has time to help out other families with autistic children, it is beyond me. She is a single mum as well which makes it so impressive and she is a inspiration.

It is also quite sad to hear about the judgment surrounding autism and the high amount of bullying. Over 60% of autistic children are bullied, it is such a high percentage and it is just awful. Autism is a hidden condition, you can't see it and people with autism look no different to anyone else. Yet autistic children fall victim to bullying simply because they stand out and don't always fit in. I heard a few sad stories about children being bullied and it broke my heart a little bit.

I have learnt so much about autism, it is such an interesting topic and I enjoyed putting it all together. I am quite proud of my work and wanted to share it with you all. So let me know what you think. :)

Check out my project which is posted on Buzz Bournemouth.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Elle magazine is officially my favourite thing in the world this month!!! You can get the new Benefit mascara Roller Lash exclusively a month early in the March issue of Elle. This is the best news ever, I feel Elle this month will be a sellout. For only £4, it is practically a bargain as I am guessing the price for the mini Roller Lash mascara will be around £9.

Benefit's They're Real mascara is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried, so when Elle announced the first place that Roller Lash mascara would be available would be in there magazine I was beyond excited. I was counting down the days until Elle's March issue came out and so happy when my housemate bought it for me. Best housemate EVER!!!!

The Roller Lash brush is beyond awesome, I have said time and time again that I love plastic brushes, and this is why!! Plastic brushes are so much better at separating lashes and making them longer. The curve in the brush makes it oh so much better, better isn't the right word, fantastic!!! I have not had any problems with applying it, it glids on like a dream.

Let's talk about how voluminous my lashes look.... The mascara adds lots of definition and length to my eyelashes, I am really impressed!! My lashes look so much longer, the brush really helps divide them and helps avoid clumpiness. This mascara is definitely a winner in all aspects, Benefit have done amazing with their new mascara and I can see it becoming their best new selling product.

Now for durability, it doesn't break off or fade throughout the day. It is a long-lasting mascara and you don't need loads of it when applying it. The packaging is so cute as well, one of the things I like so much about Benefit is that they always come up with new inventive ways to package their products.

Is it better than They're Real mascara? YES!!! I have found that it is easier to remove than They're Real mascara and I love the curvy brush. This is a fantastic mascara and I am so happy that it was in Elle magazine. Move over They're Real, Roller Lash is my new favourite mascara and I cannot wait to see what else Benefit will come out with this year.
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