Friday, 6 March 2015

Urban Fudge Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends

Hello lovelies!! It's the weekend finally, hope you are all relaxing at home after a hard week at work. I have been a bit absent from the blogging world as I'm currently writing the dreaded dissertation and it seems to take over everything... Writing 10,000 words on a topic is a lot of work and reading tons of journals kind of makes you want to fall asleep. But on another note, I am still on my mission to have long, thick and healthy hair. Amongst my recent purchases to achieve this, I bought an Urban Fudge product for the first time.

One of my goals to getting my hair to the length I want is trying to avoid split ends, so I am trying to keep my hair hydrated with different oil products whilst also applying repair hair products to my ends. When I saw the title of the Urban Fudge product, I thought this is perfect I have to try it out. I mean Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends just sounded really cool and when I smelt it in the shop it just made me want to be on holiday. I felt like I had been transported to a tropical island and was surrounded by fruity fragrances.

Product description: This lightweight yet concentrated lotion with Argan Oil assists in hydrating and nourishing the hair, to smooth frizz, and seal dry ends. 

I don't think my split ends have suddenly vanished, however, I do think the ends of my hair are much stronger and dare I say it but a bit thicker. My hair feels a lot smoother, which is all thanks to the Argan Oil it contains and in turn makes it less knotty. The lightweight lotion means you don't have to use tons to cover your hair and it spreads easier, which is great because you don't run out as quickly and aren't constantly dashing to buy more.

What I love the most about this product is how heavenly it smells, it is practically edible and it smells so much like cocktails. I love the scent on my hair and whenever I catch a whiff of the fragrance throughout the day I'm in love with the product all over again.

The price is also very reasonable at £5.99,  you can have healthier and softer hair for under a tenner! I would definitely repurchase it and now I have to try out more Urban Fudge products. They all have heavenly fragrances like Pear & Sweet Vanilla, Iced Coconut Cocktail, and Iced Raspberry & Vanilla.
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