Sunday, 26 April 2015

MAX FACTOR Facefinity primer + foundation

Hello lovelies, I hope your weekend is going alright so far. I have been busy with university, so I am quite stressed and it's starting to show. I have bags under my eyes and my skin isn't fairing to well either, which is why I was in desperate need of a new primer and foundation. The new novelty of my Revlon primer + foundation had kinda wore off and it wasn't doing as good of a job as when I first bought it. Although I suppose that is the case with most primer + foundations, you have to switch it up every now and again. So I decided to try out Max Factors next, I have already gone through Maybelline (great makeup base), Bourgois (not that keen about their primer/foundation), Revlon (loved both) and Rimmel (foundation was really caky). Those are all the ones I can think of right now, but L'Oreal is another one I need to try.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Secret ingredient of our Best-selling foundation is now a product in its own right. Simply apply Facefinity Primer under your favourite foundation to prime, mattify and hold your flawless beauty look in place for longer. 

  • Mattifies skin

  • Contains Micro Correctors to banish excess oils

  • Uses Flexi-hold Technology

  • Contains SPF 20
I have had this product for months and months, I have been meaning to write a review but just haven't got around to it, as you can probably tell by the photo it is nearly empty. I always reserve judgment until after I have been using it for at least a week, so that I can see if it works or if I am just having an off day where no matter what I put on my face it won't look right.  I haven't really tried much from Max Factor before, so I was quite excited about trying these products out.

The primer was much more liquidy than I imagined if that makes any sense and reminded more of a moisturiser than anything. It does help soften my face, however, it does not feel that matte. It does hold my makeup quite well, but I'm not really a fan of the texture and I prefer a thicker primer texture.

Is it worth repurchasing? I always think it is important to put this in reviews as it shows how much I really like or dislike the product. Personally I would not buy the primer again, as I do not feel I am getting my moneys worth and prefer Maybellines' much more, plus it is cheaper. My favourite primers so far have been Maybelline and Benefit. Whilst that primer wasn't for me, you should definitely try it out for yourselves first as it may just be my skin or own preferences.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day 3 in 1 Foundation

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20. 

  • Lasts all day, giving a flawless finish

  • Primer gives a smooth base for hold

  • Concealer corrects for a flawless look
I have yet to find a foundation I am in love with, I have not found my perfect foundation and I think I may go for MAC's. I have tried most of the drug store brands and just do not feel they are that great, Revlon as said before is my favourite so far. I was looking forward to try Max Factors as my housemate has it and it looked really good on her. I was quite disappointed by it and very much like the primer it is very liquidy, which I don't really like. It is an ok foundation but not a great one and the quality is not that great.

I have come to find that if you put on a normal amount, it doesn't look like you have makeup on and just slightly covers my face. However, if you double up on the quantity it looks like you have caked it on and can come out a tiny bit orangey. It is a loose-loose situation really and no matter what I do it is not the result I want. I tend to use my Max Factor foundation only when I'm going to uni or something that I don't really care what my face looks like.

If you want a very natural look with a slight tint of foundation then this is the one for you. Despite not getting on too well with the primer and foundation, it has not put me off buying any of their products in the future. I look forward to trying their lip products and a variety of their other beauty products.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

It seems like curved brushes are the trend this season, I have seen quite a few makeup brands following suit and I am loving it so far. Maybelline and Benefit were really clever by releasing their mascara before Benefit's Roller Lash, as there isn't much difference between both mascaras a part from the price. So getting themselves out there first, was definitely a very clever idea and plus people got to try out Roller Lash mascara in the March issue of Elle. I know I am a bit slow and behind on reviewing this mascara, but it has been such a busy couple of months and I'm not that good at balancing blogging/uni work.

This product was heavily advertised in all of the magazines, I saw adverts pretty much everywhere which made me think they were trying a little bit too hard. Yet I still want to try it as I need to make my own judgement and see if it is any good.

The packaging is the same shape as all of their other mascaras, which I love as you instantly know that it is Maybelline. I love the colour they have chosen, then lilac colour is really pretty and makes the mascara very girly.

The curved brush makes applying mascara oh so much easier and curves your lashes with it. It's a plastic brush so it is perfect for separating lashes and making them longer. The brush really helps to emphasise your lashes and make them stand out, the results are stunning! It is really easy to apply and you don't have to spend a lot of time putting it on, quick and easy.

The Lash Sensational Mascara only costs £7.99, which is a decent price for a mascara and it is worth every penny. I think it is actually undervalued but hey I'm not going to complain. Maybellines' new mascara is awesome and I am loving having it in my makeup bag.

Friday, 24 April 2015

EOS lip balm

Sorry for my lack of blogging, I have been really busy with dissertation and a presentation. I probably won't have a regular blogging pattern for about a month until dissertation is over, but I will try my best to publish a couple of posts.

I bought an EOS lip balm a while ago, after lusting after them for ages and am love with it. After seeing the raving reviews about them and the pictures on my Instagram feed, I decided I had to get one.

The packaging is quite simple yes, but I think it is really cute and love the round shape. The colours are based on the flavour of the EOS lip balms. I had the choice between Strawberry Sorbet (pink), Summer Fruit (red), Blueberry and Acai (blue), Sweet Mint (Turquoise) and Honeysuckle Honeydew (Green). I bought Honeysuckle Honeydew as my housemate has it and it smells amazing!! The only downside to buying it in the UK is that they are more expensive, in the US they cost around $3. I bought my EOS lip balm in Topshop and paid £7, with student discount it takes it down to £6.30.

EOS lip balms are awesome and are worth paying £7, I just wish they were a little bit more cheaper as I would want to buy one in each flavour if I could afford it. The lip balms are really hydrating and have been helping my lips in the really stressful time. Recently, my lips have been quite dry and nothing that I seemed to do helped them, that was until I bought my EOS lip balm. It gives such amazing moisture to my lips and is really refreshing, I love sliding it straight onto my lips and how they feels. If you want smooth, soft and pretty lips then this is your product.

When I finally go to America, I am going to stock up on the EOS lip balms and buy at least 5. I think when I finally get to go to the US, I will have to have saved for months to pay for all I am going to buy.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello lovelies, A little over two weeks ago (Fri 10th), I went to my first blogger event hosted by Scarlett London and had such an amazing time!! :) I met lots of wonderful bloggers and the women from Search Laboratory were the nicest people ever. I was really nervous about going as I didn't know anybody there and didn't really know what to expect, but I am so happy that I went! I had a nightmare getting to London though, I almost thought the forces above were against me... No buses turned up for half an hour, then my train was delayed and then train then decided to not stop at my station. Despite the public transport nightmare I managed to be on time to the event, albeit a little bit confused as to where it was being held but managed to find it in the end.

When I first got into the room, I walked around all of the stands and talked to the nice people who worked for them. I first went to the Wynsors stand and learnt all about them, as I didn't really know what they did. I had a great chat with the lovely Sophie and Leanne who work for Wynsors and Search Laboratory respectively. There were three clothes stands at the event: Bon Prix, Quiz and Urban Outfitters. They all had such pretty clothes, there was a dress that Quiz had and it is so gorgeous but I would have nowhere to wear it to unfortunately.

I even took a selfie for the #QuizProm competition, except I accidentally cut off the tiara and don't quite look like a queen without it. It does show off my very wavy hair that had gone a little bit manic with the hot weather and rushing around.

Urban Outfitters had a fantastic stand too with lots of gorgeous outfits, I also got a nice keepsake polaroid photo from entering their competition and I really loved the hat I tried on. I definitely need to get a hat like that in my life ASAP and felt kind of posh wearing it.

There were many competitions and let me tell you I never expected to win anything from one of them. I'm quite unlucky and even said to the bloggers I was with, I said I definitely won't win anything and it is safe to say I am still in shock that I did. Wynsors had 21 prizes to give out, they had 20 goodie bags and the amazing Nikon camera. After they had given out all of the goodie bags, I was looking around to see if I could predict who was going to win and then they called my blog name out. I was in a state of shock and realised that oh wait that's my blog they just said. I can't believe I actually won something and something that I was going to buy after my birthday as well.

Here is my awkward picture with the camera, I was really confused/dazed/grateful/flustered about winning the camera and couldn't get my head around winning something so good. I am beyond grateful for it and now I finally have a proper camera. I can't wait to start taking pictures with it and uploading them onto my blogs. Thank you so much Wynsors!!!

They were also awesome goodie bags, that I stupidly forgot to take a picture of mine at home before I took everything out and put it away haha. There was lots of cool stuff in them and Search Laboratory did a fantastic job putting it together. SLBloggerBash was an wonderful event and I 100% definitely would like to attend another event hosted by Scarlett London. She did such an amazing job and deserves a massive pat on the back!! I met lots of wonderful bloggers and had just an amazing time at my first blogger event.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

April Wish List

I am absolutely loving all the makeup out this season and I could probably have a list with hundreds of products on it. It was really hard choosing what to include on my wish list as there are quite a few things I would like and narrowing it down was tough. I managed to do it though, so here is my April wish list:

Anna Sui Star Lipstick - Beige Pink 301 (£23)

Being a big lipstick lover, I am always looking for new lipstick brands to try and when I was scrolling through ASOS I spotted these Anna Sui lipsticks. I haven't actually heard much about Anna Sui or if it is any good, but look how pretty the packaging is. Something that looks so beautiful, must be good right?! Plus you can never go wrong with a pink shade so I look forward to hopefully trying this lipstick out in the future.

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel (£22.50)

If you have read my beauty reviews before then you will know that I am a massive Benefit makeup lover and I loved all the adverts that Benefit did to promote it. The packaging looks adorable too and I really want to know if it lives up to the hype. I always have such dark circles and puffiness underneath my eyes, so maybe this will work! The only reason why I haven't bought it so far is the price, I can't really justify spending nearly £23 on eye gel unfortunately but I keep hoping a magical fairy will post it through my letter box.

Ted Baker Slim Bow Makeup Bag (£27)

I am in desperate need of a new makeup bag and I know I will never be able to afford a Ted Baker one but hey a girl can dream! It is so classy and well come on it's Ted Baker, who wouldn't want one of their makeup bags.

Boux Avenue Tamara Lace bandeau bra + shorts (£30 + £16)

I absolutely love Boux Avenue lingerie, I mean who doesn't love pretty and fancy underwear. I have a Boux wish list a mile long, however, there is one particular set on there that stands out. This lilac Tamara Lace bandeau bra and shorts is stunning, and it looks so elegant.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick - Juicy Grapefruit (£25)

Recently, I have seen quite a few beauty blogger post on Instagram stunning pictures of YSL lipsticks and ever since I have really wanted one. I was researching what shades they have and saw the Juicy Grapefruit one, it looks perfect for summer and will brighten up my makeup.

Topshop Launch Platform Sandals - Beige (£48)

 I have not bought a new pair of sandals in over a year, the main reason being that I hate shoe shopping and that I struggle to find shoes I like. However, I saw these in Topshop a while ago and fell in love with them. They come in multiple colours but my favourite is beige as it looks elegant and will go well with a daytime look too.
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