Friday, 14 July 2017

When in Mauritius...

A little over three months ago now, I decided to make a change and go travelling. I was always the girl who said she would never go travelling alone, that I wouldn't be able to do it, it never appealed to me and just didn't think I would be tough enough to do it. However after having a hard couple of months, which left my confidence broken, disheartened in my direction, half a stone lighter and a bit of emotional wreck I wanted a complete change. Something that I had once loved had become a negative space and therefore I decided it was time to move on. I haven't looked back since and am very happy with the decision I made because it led me here. 

When I was 16, I spent a summer volunteering for three different charities and my time that year has always stuck with me. So when I started looking for a change volunteering came to my mind once again and a change of country sounded even better. I started researching a variety of volunteering abroad opportunities and ultimately decided on two: marine conservation in Mauritius and teaching in Bali. I also decided that I would go to Australia after Bali as I would be so close and it would be a missed opportunity if I didn't go. I gave myself a little over two months to get everything ready and boy did it come around quick, as we speak I am getting ready to go on the next leg of my adventure to Bali and will be leaving Mauritius today. I have absolutely loved my time here and wanted to dedicate a post to my four weeks in Mauritius, including everything I have done and learnt. 
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