Friday, 11 July 2014

Ted Baker Shimmering Days Glittering Nights

Ted Baker have come up with the perfect make-up set where you can go from a subtle nude look to a glamorous one, this set is very handy and easy to carry around in your handbag!

The shimmering Days side is great for a beautiful neutral look for any day time activity whether it's going to work or meeting up with an old friend.

The blusher/bronzer colours are bright enough just to add a tint of colour to your cheeks and draw some attention to define your cheekbones. I love the colours and it gives some shimmer to my cheeks, I wear them both day and night as I can't get enough of them.

Ted Baker's Shimmering Days eye shadows make the perfect light smokey eyes make-up, the brown and gold colours are quite light but not too light that it doesn't have any effect. The colours can create a pretty natural look for you eyes, I absolutely adore them!

The last part of the this side of the set to complete the Shimmering Days look is the nude pink lip gloss. It's a nice light pink shade which makes your lips more noticeable and goes with any make-up colours! I love all of the shimmering make-up and I have to say this side is my favourite.

Now lets switch over to the Glittering Nights side which can add an effortless appearance for a night out with the girls or cocktail hour. For a glammed-up look, look no further as this side is perfect for you and if you like wearing glitter on a night out you'll love it!!

The three eye shadows unlike the Shimmering Nights side are all different colours, the grey and black glitter colours go well together and the blue adds a bright hint of colour to it. It gives more definition to your eyes and the combination is just fantastic.

Ted Baker have combined Glittering Nights with bright pink blushers that you would not be able to get away with during the day as they are quite bright. It goes well with the dark eye shadows and adds some contrast to the style.

The dark pink lip gloss is a lovely dark colour which can be used for a night look but it also goes really well with the Shimmering Nights make-up, as the look is so neutral that it makes a perfect combination! I like to mix and match both lip glosses as they look good with either Shimmering Days and Glittering Nights!!

The glitz and glamour of these sets add to very beautiful and different looks, it is definitely worth having and any Ted Baker lovers will adore this gift set.

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