Friday, 22 August 2014

Boots Extracts Body Spray Collection

I really love body sprays and Boots Natural Collection vanilla one is my all time favourite!! I also love all the Body Shop body sprays but they are quite expensive so prefer to go for cheaper body sprays, as I would rather splash out more on make-up. So I thought why not try the Boots Extracts body spray collection which was £10 and not a bad deal considering individually they cost £4.50. I also couldn't seem to find their Natural Collection products in store, so I'm guessing Extracts is replacing the natural collection...

I love the strawberry fragrance and it's a reminder of Summer, especially with all this cloudy and cold weather we have been having. It's a sweet scent and if you love strawberries then this is perfect for you!!

The mango body spray is amazing and I have bought the Body Shop one before, the Extract one smells exactly the same in my opinion. So I will just get the Extract one in the future because it only costs £4.50 in comparison to the Body Shop one which is £7.50 I think.

I really love vanilla body sprays and the Natural Collection one was awesome, so I was hoping the extracts would be similar. Unfortunately it is a little bit disappointing and not as good as a vanilla fragrance as others I have tried, for instance Body Shops. So I would probably not buy the vanilla Extacts body spray again but I would definitely get the other two!! :)
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