Saturday, 16 August 2014

Exam results stress

For those who have just received their A-level results or are still waiting for their GCSE results, it can be a stressful time. It is hard to believe that someone's entire future and what they want to do depends solely on how you do in an exam. Not everyone does well in exams and it doesn't always reflect the extent of their knowledge.
By now everyone at college will have their A-level results which dictate if they get into uni or can continue with their subjects in second year at college. I know firsthand how upsetting it can be if you don't get the grades you were predicted. My AS results weren't as great as I thought they would be and I was really upset and stressed that I wouldn't be able to get my grades up for university. Luckily my predictions for my overall grades for my A-levels were good and I managed to get conditional places at all the universities I applied to. On results day for my A2 subjects, I had already had an email from Bournemouth saying that I was in so I thought I couldn't have done that bad. Upon collecting my results they weren't what I was required to get to get into uni but I still managed to get in.
If you have just got your results and they weren't what you expected and can't get into your first choice or second and have to go through clearing. Don't worry, there are plenty of other universities out there which are just as good!! Or even if it had made you rethink what you want to, it's not the end of the world and everything happens for a reason. You may end up finding something you love even more and something way better than what you were originally meant to do!! University is such an amazing experience, you get to meet so many different and wonderful people.
For others at college who just got their AS grades and have failed a subject or haven't met the requirements to continue at that college. Don't see it as a step back but as in a push in the right direction. It may lead to you choosing to study a subject you wouldn't have otherwise thought about!! Don't panic and you'll find something you are passionate about!!
GCSE results come out next week, if you receive not as high grades as your college want just call them up and speak to them about it. Most people I know who didn't do too well in their GCSEs still got into the colleges they want  but had to not do as many subjects that they wanted to do originally. Or they picked up a GCSE subject that wasn't offered to them at school which they ended up loving!
Just because you don't do well in an exam it doesn't mean it's the end if the world, I know it probably feels like it at the time. It's for the best and I am a very strong believer of everything happens for a reason!!
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