Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Benefit benebalm

Benefit is one of my favourite brands, I love their products! Benefit's They're Real mascara, the Porefessional and Majorette blusher are amazing and  are apart of my daily makeup routine. I have wanted to get my hands on one of their lip balms for a while now but the price is a bit off putting. The hydrating lip balms cost £14.50 and is a bit expensive for a lip balm but Benefit is a good quality makeup brand so I get why their prices are higher than others.

I really like the look of the posiebalm and chachabalm, and would like a Benefit gift set with one of them in it! :)

It looks like it will make your lips look really red because the balm is really dark but it actually only adds a slight tint to your lips. I really like the slight touch of colour and it does help hydrate and soften lips.

It's a really good lip balm and does a good job!! I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

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