Thursday, 4 September 2014

London <3

I always love going to London, it is such a beautiful place and I always have the best time there. I would definitely want to live in London at some point and would love to work for a magazine there, Cosmopolitan is my dream.

My friend Amber and I went to London yesterday (Tuesday 2 September) to do some shopping and visit some of the sights. I love walking around London, there are so many wonderful places and I took so many photos!!

We first went to Kensington Garden, which is just lovely to walk around and I have wanted to see the Peter Pan Statue for ages!! Peter Pan was one of my favourite films as a child and it still is. I love the statue and there were lots of people taking pictures of it, I can't believe it has been there since 1912.

Whilst at Kensington Gardens we also went to see Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria lived before she was queen, the gardens are stunning and it is such a nice area!

There is also a nice statue of Queen Victoria in front of the palace, it is such a big building and it would be nice to see the inside of the building!

We then visited the Victoria & Albert museum, the history museum and the British museum. I always like going round the V & A, because I love the fashion section. The dresses are gorgeous and there was one in particular that I adored!! It looks like a dress fit for a princess and the glitter is so pretty!! :)

There was also a cool exhibition on, I think it was in the history museum. We saw so much that it tends to blend all together, so many places haha. But it was quite different and really stood out, there were so many different messages.

There is an amazing quote on the Tiki Love Truck, it said "You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one" and I think it is so true!

We also went for a lovely walk by Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. I really want to go on the London Eye at some point but it always has a massive queue which seems to be never ending.

We finished off the day by doing a little bit of shopping in Oxford Street. The Topshop there is amazing and so big, it's magical and you ould easily get lost in there! We also did the Topshop photo booth which was fun, however, we didn't realise that it sarted taking photos straight away so the first picture is of us completely unprepared haha. We finished off with going into Hamleys which is awesome and has so many floors, it's a kids paradise and there was real life lego sized models of Kate and Williams wedding. The sweet section of Hamleys was amazing, so many sweets!!! A little bit overpriced but awesome nonetheless! :) Had such a lovely time in London and cannot wait to see it decorated at Christmas, it's so beautiful when all the lights are up!

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