Tuesday, 30 September 2014

October wish list

Autumn is fast approaching and to be honest I don't know where September has gone, time is going so fast! I love that it is now acceptable to wear jumpers and I cannot wait to wear my new winter coat soon!! :) I have found a couple of good items for the cold weather. I really hope we get some snow this year, I was a bit disappointed when we didn't get any last year.

NYX The 'It' List - Natural Lip Glosses

NYX has been on my to try list for a while now but have only found it available recently! The only places I have found it is on the official NYX website, Very and Amazon. After browsing through their lip products for a while I found two 'It List' sets one of natural shades and the other pink! I like both but I think the natural shades would be a better colour for autumn. The set costs £22 which I think is a reasonable price especially since there are 5 lip glosses included. :)

Miss Selfridge Dark Authentic Rip Knee Jean

At the beginning of the Summer, I tried on some rip knee jeans but wasn't sure if I liked them, I regretted not buying them shortly after. When I went back to buy them, they no longer had any size 8's. :( I really like this pair and I prefer darker jeans, rather than lighter ones. A good pair of jeans normally costs around 30 pounds, so I personally think that £38 is a good deal.

Miss Selfridge Pink Birdcage Make up Bag

I really want a new makeup bag as my old one is starting to wear a little bit and this is so cute. I love the colour and the birds on the bag! It is definitely worth £13. Miss Selfridge has such pretty products, their bags and makeup bags are beautiful.

Topshop Ribbed Grunge Sweater

I got a Topshop jumper last year and it is the warmest jumper ever, it is also really comfy. I definitely want another jumper from there and I like the look of this one. It is simple and will go with all outfits. I think that it is a good price at £36 and of a good quality.

Accessorize Cable Knit Boots 

I haven't had a good pair of slippers in ages and really want a comfy and fluffy pair. I saw these on Accessorizes website and they look really furry and nice! I know white slippers would probably get dirtier quicker but still they look cute. £19 is a bit more than I would like to pay for slippers but they are still on my wish list.

Zoella beauty products

Ever since Zoe Sugg (or more widely known as Zoella) announced that she would be doing a beauty range, I have been eager to see what would be in her range. Her beauty products consist of Creamy Madly Dreamy - Body Lotion, Blissful Mistful - body spritz, Let's Glow candle, two different beauty bags, fizz bar and Soak Opera - Bath Soak/Shower Cream. All the products look so cute and I love the packaging! I want to get all of the products and will probably go to Superdrug to buy them sometime this week.

So what is on your October wish lists?
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