Sunday, 21 September 2014

Topshop lipsticks

Topshop is one of my favourite shops and with good reason, I love the look of their clothes, bags and makeup. Trying some of Topshop lipsticks has been on my wish list for ages and I finally bought two the other day.

I wanted to try one of their normal lipsticks and also their sheer lips one, so I bought one of each.

I knew what sheer lipstick to buy straight away, I loved the shade Hunky Dory and it is a great colour for autumn. It is a dark nude colour and is perfect for a natural look!! :) I also love all the glitter pigments in it and adds a nice touch to the shade.

I was torn between 3 of Topshops' normal lipsticks and stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to decide which one to go for.I went for Whimsical in the end, it's a bit of a summer shade but oh well it is really pretty. Whimsical is also a matte lipstick, I hadn't tried any matte lip products before and I definitely will be in the future because they are great!

I am very happy with the 2 lipsticks I went with, they are beautiful and can be worn during day or night! I also really like how the lipstick tubes are presented and the sheer one has stars all over it! So pretty.

I already have a list of which Topshop lipsticks I want to buy next, Nevada, Alibi, Saint, Mescaline, Mercurial and Armour. I cannot wait to get my hands on some more Topshop makeup products and want to expand my collection!

Topshop have a good deal on at the moment for lipsticks, it is 2 for £12. Each lipstick costs £8, so I think the deal they have on is a bargain and you save £4. So grab some lipsticks whilst the deal is still one, there is plenty of choice for each different skin tone and it is impossible to not love a few of their lipsticks.

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