Monday, 29 September 2014

Work experience tips

I have had to do six weeks work experience as a requirement as apart of my course and have learnt a lot from my time spent at multiple places. I loved working in different parts of the journalism industry! I have done work experience at Bang Showbiz, Star magazine, Spirit FM and Hope FM. I had a wonderful time at all of them and learnt a lot from the journalists working there, I also got quite a bit of feedback and advice.

If you are at university and have to do a placement year or work experience as a part of your course then I am sure you will have had a lecture with some tips. I swear I have had at least 3 or 4 lectures on how to find work experience, what to say in your CV/cover letter and how to stand out. So I thought why not do a short post on what I have learnt from doing work experience. :)

My advice for getting a placement:

  • Always send a CV and a Cover Letter

  • Keep persevering to get them to respond to you, people are very busy and might forget to reply

  • If they don't answer after a month send them another email or call them up

  • Say what you like about that organisation

  • Apply to a variety of places, even if you don't particularly want to go somewhere apply anyway to get some experience under your belt
Tips for when you are at work experience:

  • Be confident

  • Be interested in the work, even though it may not be overly interesting

  • Be polite and attentive

  • Don't be afraid to speak up if you have ideas

  • Be motivated

  • Talk to those who work there, ask about their path to how they got the job and ask for any tips they have

Do you have any tips for work experience?
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