Sunday, 23 November 2014

NYX butter lip gloss

So I must not have got the memo that Next stocks NYX cosmetics, because when I went in my big Next store in Shoreham-by-Sea, I was practically jumping up and down when I saw the NYX makeup stand.
I know I am probably late on the bandwagon but that is amazing that NYX is being stocked in UK shops as it looks like such an amazing brand and it is very reasonably priced. I am so glad that I can finally get my hands on NYX cosmetics and Next are awesome for stocking it!!

After my excitement and shock of seeing NYX finally lessened, I knew I had to go for the Butter Lip Glosses but what shade to choose that was a whole different case.

I really wanted Crème Brulee but they didn't have any in-stock, so that narrowed down my choices a little bit. I opted to go for Tiramisu and Red Velvet as I thought the colours were stunning and I couldn't just get one now could I?!

I bought two completely different colours, as I wanted to have a variety in my collection. I did think of getting an orange shade as well but couldn't justify spending £15 on myself so near to Christmas, plus I think orange colours are more for Summer.

Tiramisu (BLG07)

This brown shade is perfect for autumn because it is a very natural and subtle colour. I probably own quite a few natural lipsticks/lip glosses, ok probably more than a few but I think 'Tiramisu' has to be my all time favourite! :) I'm in love with NYX butter lip glosses and I can see why this is such a popular shade. The quality is very good and the colour stays on for a while. I also love how all of the Butter Lip Glosses have a scent to them, definitely a selling point, as said before I cannot stand generic smelling makeup, it sucks.

Red Velvet (BLG20)

I only own one red lipstick so thought why not expand my red collection and go for a dark red lip gloss. I was a slightly bit worried with this shade as red colours can sometimes look a bit weird on me because of my really pale skin and blonde hair. However, my worries turned out to be for nothing as I absolutely love the colour and I think it suits me well. :) The dark red shade is perfect for daytime as it isn't bright so it is more subtle. Whether it's for a Christmas party or just a bit of Christmas shopping, it is good for either. I think it would also look amazing with a little black dress!! The lip gloss also smells incredible, made me want to eat it!!

Application wise NYX butter lip glosses are fantastic!! They go on easily and thickly, the end result is stunning! My lips feel softer and hydrated after using it, definitely better than most glosses I have used in the past. I love them and they are very well priced, £5 is a bargain for lip glosses and will definitely be getting a lot more of them. :) They are my new favourite product and are a must have in your handbags. They are also the perfect stock filling, I am secretly hoping that my mum will go back to Next and might get me one for Christmas.
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