Monday, 9 March 2015

MAC lip pencil - Soar

I have been waiting ages for Soar lip pencil to come back in stock, as soon as I got the email notification that it was. I quickly went onto the MAC cosmetics website quicker than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to buy it, as I was panicked it would go out of stock and then it would be months before I was able to get it again. I also found an amazing deal online where you can get free next day delivery and a free sample if you enter the code MACTREAT, how cool is that?! I was very excited by the prospect that I only had to wait 24 hours until MAC Soar was finally mine. I was on cloud 9 when it arrived in the post on Saturday, I couldn't wait to play around with it and try on with other lipsticks.

Soar is a very popular lip pencil, it all began when Kylie Jenner revealed her secret to big and fuller lips, and it isn't cosmetic surgery. She said she uses MAC lip liner in Soar, Spice or Whirl and just fills in her lips with them. I'm not a big fan of the whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians show, but I have to admit her lips do look pretty awesome. I can see why Soar lip pencil has been so successful, it is such a stunning shade and it's no wonder it has been out of stock for so long. It is a pink/brown shade that makes your lips stand out, but not too much that it looks weird. It is a beautiful colour, perfect for day or night. During the day I do a thin line with the lip pencil, then for a more glammed-up look to wear at night I would use a thicker line to make a bolder statement. MAC Soar is fantastic for adding definition and adds an amazing touch to your makeup.

The texture is so creamy and rich, it just glides right onto your lips and is so soft. The quality of MAC makeup is just incredible and I was already blown away by how long their lipsticks last, so you can imagine how pleased I was that their lip pencils are just as good.

I chose to buy MAC Soar as it is meant to pair very well with MAC lipstick Brave and that is a combo I have seen multiple times through beauty bloggers. They complement each other perfectly, it's like they were made for each other!! Soar lip pencil is perfect for any pink or nude lipstick, it is just amazing and goes pretty much with most shades.

I absolutely love how the combination of MAC Brave lipstick and Soar lip pencil looks on. It is amazing for creating big lips and gives you the perfect pout. I sometimes struggle to find a lipstick that pairs with my pale complexion, blue eyes and blonde hair. I can't wear too bright shades as it washes out my complexion and makes me look like a ghost. I am so happy that Soar suits me, it makes my eyes look even bluer and my hair lighter. I am in love with MAC Soar + Brave!! It is the best purchase I have made in ages and I would recommend it to all.

Would I buy it again? 100% yes!! Hopefully though by the time I run out, it won't constantly be out of stock and the hype will have died down a little. I really want to get more lip pencils, Whirl, Stripdown, Dervish and Spice are all on my wish list. I could not recommend it any more, it is such a great lip pencil and is worth every penny.
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