Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hello lovelies, A little over two weeks ago (Fri 10th), I went to my first blogger event hosted by Scarlett London and had such an amazing time!! :) I met lots of wonderful bloggers and the women from Search Laboratory were the nicest people ever. I was really nervous about going as I didn't know anybody there and didn't really know what to expect, but I am so happy that I went! I had a nightmare getting to London though, I almost thought the forces above were against me... No buses turned up for half an hour, then my train was delayed and then train then decided to not stop at my station. Despite the public transport nightmare I managed to be on time to the event, albeit a little bit confused as to where it was being held but managed to find it in the end.

When I first got into the room, I walked around all of the stands and talked to the nice people who worked for them. I first went to the Wynsors stand and learnt all about them, as I didn't really know what they did. I had a great chat with the lovely Sophie and Leanne who work for Wynsors and Search Laboratory respectively. There were three clothes stands at the event: Bon Prix, Quiz and Urban Outfitters. They all had such pretty clothes, there was a dress that Quiz had and it is so gorgeous but I would have nowhere to wear it to unfortunately.

I even took a selfie for the #QuizProm competition, except I accidentally cut off the tiara and don't quite look like a queen without it. It does show off my very wavy hair that had gone a little bit manic with the hot weather and rushing around.

Urban Outfitters had a fantastic stand too with lots of gorgeous outfits, I also got a nice keepsake polaroid photo from entering their competition and I really loved the hat I tried on. I definitely need to get a hat like that in my life ASAP and felt kind of posh wearing it.

There were many competitions and let me tell you I never expected to win anything from one of them. I'm quite unlucky and even said to the bloggers I was with, I said I definitely won't win anything and it is safe to say I am still in shock that I did. Wynsors had 21 prizes to give out, they had 20 goodie bags and the amazing Nikon camera. After they had given out all of the goodie bags, I was looking around to see if I could predict who was going to win and then they called my blog name out. I was in a state of shock and realised that oh wait that's my blog they just said. I can't believe I actually won something and something that I was going to buy after my birthday as well.

Here is my awkward picture with the camera, I was really confused/dazed/grateful/flustered about winning the camera and couldn't get my head around winning something so good. I am beyond grateful for it and now I finally have a proper camera. I can't wait to start taking pictures with it and uploading them onto my blogs. Thank you so much Wynsors!!!

They were also awesome goodie bags, that I stupidly forgot to take a picture of mine at home before I took everything out and put it away haha. There was lots of cool stuff in them and Search Laboratory did a fantastic job putting it together. SLBloggerBash was an wonderful event and I 100% definitely would like to attend another event hosted by Scarlett London. She did such an amazing job and deserves a massive pat on the back!! I met lots of wonderful bloggers and had just an amazing time at my first blogger event.
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