Monday, 12 December 2016

Soap & Glory Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition Gift Set

Soap & Glory are one of my all time favourite brands, I have probably tried about 80% of their products and have yet to come across one that I haven't liked. Every year at Christmas they do lots of fantastic gift sets and the one that I look the most forward to is one they run for half price a couple weeks before the 25th December. It always contains loads of full size products and is such good value for money!

This years gift set is called The Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition and has 10 incredible products (9 of which are full size), it is currently half price at Boots as we speak! You can now pick it up for £30 instead of £60, which is an absolute bargain especially since it is worth £78 in total. I always use up all of the products, they never get binned or thrown away and I love that they put a variety of products in the gift set (body wash, body butter, makeup, facial skincare products, hand products, etc...).

When I first saw the gift set online, I was surprised that it was all full size products except the lip gloss which is a mini. If you are debating whether to buy it, my logic behind the purchase was that the gift set basically pays for itself if you only wanted 3 of the products in there and you get an extra 7 for free. :) It consists of the following 10 products:
  • Sugar Crush Body Wash (£6.50, 500ml)
  • The Scrub Of Your Life Super-Smoothing Body Buffer (£7.00, 200ml)
  • The Righteous Body Butter (£10.00, 300ml)
  • Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk (£10.00, 500ml)
  • Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream (£5.50, 125ml)
  • Face Soap and Clarity 3-In-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash (£8.00, 350ml)
  • Speed Plump Super Moisture Day Cream (£13.00, 50ml)
  • Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen Coat Mascara (£10.50, 10ml)
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine (£5, 4ml)
  • Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.50, 50ml)

There isn't a single product in there that I'm not going to use and I'm so happy to be stocked back up on some of my favourite products for a fraction of the price. Their Sugar Crush range is one of the best bath/shower products I have tried, it smells incredible and my current Soap & Glory Body Wash has just ran out so this was perfect timing!

The Body Buffer is great for getting rid of dead skin leaving skin feeling silky soft, and the Body Butter and Body Milk are both perfect for keeping skin hydrated. Plus what I love about all three products is that they smell divine and leave your skin feeling equally so.

The Hand Food Hand Cream is going to come in handy this month and next as the cold weather has completely dried my hands out and I'm finding myself applying hand cream at least 10 times a day. The Antibacterial Cleansing Gel has also come at the perfect time as I have just ran out of my Sugar Crush one and it is always useful to have one in your handbag. 

I'm obsessed with anything skincare related at the moment and loved trying the 3-In-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash in my last Soap & Glory Gift Set, so am very happy to have this little gem back in my life. I also really liked discovering the Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen Coat Mascara in my last Soap & Glory Gift Set and really liked the mascara, it is really good at creating volume and length. All of their lip products are amazing and am glad to have another one to add to my collection. The only product I haven't actually tried in the Limited Edition Gift Set is the Speed Plump Super Moisture Day Cream, but I look forward to putting it to the test and seeing if it lives up to its name.

The Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition Gift Set is definitely a winner in my eyes and it was a no brainer when it came to buying it. So hurry quickly if you want to get your hands on this bad boy, I have a feeling they will be selling out soon!! You can get it in-store in Boots or online here.
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